10 Best Korean Skincare Suggestions - Latest in 2021

Finding the right skincare requires accuracy because of different skin conditions, so that the content of the skincare required is different. Currently, Korean skincare colors are in great demand in Indonesia because they have a gentler recipe that minimizes irritation. There are also many uses, ranging from brightening the skin to hiding dark spots.

There fore, we would like to review some guidelines for choosing Korean skincare. We also want to fulfill it by discussing the best product suggestions. You can create product discussions from Laneige, Innisfree, and Some By Mi there. Happy reading!

Korean skincare sorting method

In fact, the meaningful points that must be considered in sorting Korean skincare are not much different from other skincare. However, we want to review them one by one so that you can more easily determine the right product.

Selection is based on the type

In the Korean-style skincare step, 4 types of skincare are usually used, namely cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. Then, what is the position of each of these skincare? On this basis we want to review them one by one.

Cleanser, removes dirt on the skin before the next step of skincare

After a day of activities, facial skin becomes a place for dirt, sebum, and traces of makeup to stick. Dirty skin can be an early appearance of skin problems. Therefore, facial cleansers are the initial product that you must use before using other skincare.

The double cleansing process is also taught, especially for skin that is always covered with makeup. Not only that, you can prioritize facial cleansers that are equipped with moisturizing contents. This matter wants to avoid dry skin after washing your face.

Toner, balance skin pH

Washing your face can raise the pH of your skin, making your skin feel drier. Well, using a toner can help balance the pH of the skin. A balanced skin pH will prevent you from various skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles, inflammation, and sensitive skin.

In addition, the use of toner can transport impurities that may still stick after the cleansing process. The toner is meant to sterilize deep into the pores as well as tighten them. Really clean skin will make the next stage of skincare more effective.

Serum, works down to the deepest layers of the skin

You can create various types of serum with different contents depending on the properties offered. Compared to other types of skincare, serum has a greater concentration of active ingredients, so the cost is more expensive.

Serum particles have small dimensions so they can work down to the deepest layers of the skin. Serum is also a type of skincare that has a very visible impact. That is why, understand well the needs of the skin so that the impact given by the serum matches your expectations.

Moisturizer, locks the water content in the skin

Moisturizer is usually the last step in a Korean-style skincare range. Its main purpose is to lock in moisture so that the skin is free from dryness. It may seem simple, but dry skin can stimulate skin problems, a sign of aging.

Moreover, oily skin also always needs moisturizer to help control sebum creation. If you have oily skin types, you can look for a light moisturizer. That way, you will always feel safe and your skin doesn’t feel sticky.

Adjust the content to your skin condition

Each content of skincare has its own position to solve skin problems. If you want to know the right content for your skin problems, don’t skip this point!

Centella asiatica: Can soothe inflamed skin

The contents of Centella asiatica can be an option for inflamed skin problems due to acne or the impact of ultraviolet light radiation. This content promotes the creation of collagen thus accelerating the healing process of skin injuries. Not only Centella asiatica, other contents such as green tea and Aloe vera also have properties to soothe the skin.

Niacinamide: Efficiently conceals dark spots

Dark spots or acne remaining spots on the face can make self-confidence shrink. If you are one of those who experience it, skincare with niacinamide contents can help overcome it. The filling works in a brightening method so that the complexion of the skin can be more thorough. If used regularly, dark spots will also be disguised.

Snail extract: Evens out skin texture and complexion

Who would have thought that snail extract was rich in benefits for skin? Inside there are copper peptides which play a role in increasing the creation of collagen in order to promote skin regeneration. Not only that, it contains glycolic acid which will transport dead skin cells so that the texture and complexion of the skin is more comprehensive. In addition to snail extract, there are AHA, BHA, and PHA which can also improve skin texture.

Selection sourced on the brand

Korean skincare brands on this basis may already be familiar to your ears. So, we want to briefly review it so that you know the personality of each of these brands.

Laneige: Solves skin problems by providing moisture

Appearing in 1994, Laneige focuses on protecting moisture in the belief that moisture is the basis for solving all skin problems. Laneige works by creating and locking in moisture, and purifying the skin. All of these matters have been tried together while continuing to innovate to introduce products that maximize skin beauty.

Innisfree: Using natural ingredients from Jeju Island

Innisfree uses natural ingredients native to Jeju Island in Korea for its skincare products. Jeju Island is selected because the ingredients from it are clean, pure, and of good quality. With products made from natural ingredients, Innisfree wants to share healthy beauty with its consumers. This matter fits with the concept of naturalism that has been promoted since 2010.

Some By Mi: A miracle touch for your skin

Some By Mi, which comes from the words Something and By a Miracle, appeared in 2017. The brand, which was named ifactory, hopes that its products can work wonders for your skin. Some By Mi realized that the skin can become more sensitive due to the area aspect. Therefore, the product is made from natural ingredients with a light concentration to avoid irritation.

Not only those mentioned, there are still many Korean skincare brands that are well-known in Indonesia. Not only are they popular, they introduce quality ingredients that are worth trying. You can observe the product range in the product suggestions.


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