Skin Care Products Recommended for Skin Redness Treatment

For most women, as well as some men, keeping the face is a must. Not only does it help optimize appearance, applying facial treatments also helps increase self-confidence. However, not infrequently, people carry out facial treatments by spending a lot of money.

Every person has a different skin type. Some people have natural skin, others have dry skin, and the rest have very sensitive skin. Recognizing what type of skin on your face means a lot, because the wrong use of skin care products can actually irritate your facial skin.

3 Guidelines for Face Care Every day Anti Hassle
3 Guidelines for Face Care Every day Anti Hassle

3 Guidelines for Face Care Every day Anti Hassle

Face Care Every Day Without Hassle

Of all facial skin types, sensitive skin needs more attention. No wonder, owners of sensitive facial skin tend to carry out treatments from beauty experts. This is not wrong, because it keeps away from forming irritation due to using the product or implementing facial care methods that don’t fit properly every day.

If you are listed as owner of sensitive skin, there is nothing wrong with asking a dermatologist first about facial care. Using natural ingredients is better, but not all are suitable for skin types. You can use the Ask a Doctor feature on the Halodoc application or make an appointment with a doctor at the nearest hospital.

In fact, doing facial care every day is not complicated, really. You just need to free up a little time, and of course, do it regularly. Try this method, make sure your face is always bright and radiant without being complicated!

Wash Your Face Properly

When you wear make up, all outward appearance must be completely clean from your face. Not without an alibi, this helps the pores of the face open and allows the skin to breathe, so pimples don’t appear. Not to mention the added dust and dirt that sticks to your face when you do activities outside the room. To make it more comfortable, try wearing a mask to protect your facial skin.

Wash your face using a cleaning product that fits your skin type, yes! Don’t be very often, 2 times a day is not bad, really, so that your facial skin doesn’t dry out. Then, dry with a soft towel for a long time. Don’t remember, before washing your face, make sure your hands are clean, huh!

Mixture of Moisturizer, Toner, and Serum

If the skin still feels moist, continue facial treatment using a toner. Remember to try not to use toner that has alcohol in it. Then, apply facial serum to accelerate the skin regeneration process, brighten the skin while also avoiding wrinkles on the face. Finally, apply a moisturizer. Again, make sure all of these products match your facial skin type.


Sunscreen has the main position of protecting the skin from the sun’s rays, which are becoming increasingly hostile. Exposure can make facial skin wrinkled, fine lines and dark patches appear. You can use sunscreen after using a moisturizer, rub it thoroughly up to the neck. After that, apply again as needed.

So that the daily facial care that you live with can give you more perfect results, stay away from bad lines such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Don’t even sleep late at night for unnecessary activities, huh! Healthy living starts with healthy facial skin, really!


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