4 Types of Facial Beauty Equipment

4 Types of Facial Beauty Equipment

Face Steamer

The first type of beauty equipment that you can have at home is a face steamer. This equipment can produce steam so it can penetrate deep into the skin. Fine steam released to make the stratum corneum which plays a role in maintaining facial moisture so it is more active moisturize the face.

When the particles released by the face steamer penetrate into the skin, the blood vessels will expand and help blood flow. When blood flow is easy, the skin’s energy regeneration increases. With a face steamer, residual makeup and dirt can be increased easily. The skin becomes loose and the regeneration expertise of the skin becomes lighter.

Facial Massage Equipment

Our faces also need to be massaged in an orderly manner so that blood flow becomes easier and cleaner skin. You need facial massage equipment at home. You can choose made from precious stones such as rose quartz, jade, and others. By carrying out regular massage, so facial skin can be tighter. Mainly the jaw, neck, forehead, and cheeks so as not to relax.

Equipment with Sonic Pulsation

Consumption of beauty equipment with electronic energy is increasingly in demand because of the many uses offered. An example of one of the most popular electronic equipment is equipment with sonic pulsation. By wearing sonic vibrations, the skin can look brighter and fresher. When used regularly, the skin looks younger and smoother. This kind of equipment can transport dead skin cells and can sterilize dirt on the pores of the face.

Microdermabasion Tool

Microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliation using microcrystal. The point is to transport dead skin cells and show the composition of new and healthy skin. With this method you can get healthy skin and fresh natural glow without complicated clinical treatment.

You must have this microdermabasion tool at home. This kit means the exfoliation the skin needs. With micro-dimensional crystals, this equipment wants to work efficiently on your skin.


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