If you have just created tattoos on your skin, you might need aftercare lotion for it. This is because a new tattoo often causes inflammation or irritation especially for sensitive ski. It will take at least 2 up to 3 weeks to get perfect healing of the trauma which is mostly caused by needled used during the process of tattooing. So, what you need to know about best lotion for tattoos so they heal faster?

Why You Need the Lotion?

There are some reasons why you need to apply lotion for your brand new tattoos. The best lotion for tattoos is useful for these following things.

1.             Hydration

Your tattoos will look like a wide open wound will usually get damaged while they are still new. They will go through some stages before they are completely healed. This condition often makes the skin turns dry and causes some more problems such as scabs, bleed and itching.

2.             Nourishment

Another thing that makes you need the lotion is the nourishment reason. Your skin will need nutrition and vitamins to help it heal quicker. Those substances are usually available in the lotion you apply for your tattoos.

3.             Soothing Ingredients

The lotion also can serve you as a soothing ingredient for your skin. New tattoos are usually very sensitive to certain materials that will lead them to easily irritate. The condition will make your skin gets itchy and red. The lotion you use will help you to reduce the symptoms might be resulted by the sensitivity.

4.             Improve Your Skin Appearance

The lotion can also help you to improve your skin appearance. Sometimes, your skin will soon begin to peel once the healing process is almost completed. The wrong treatment of the peeling problem will make your skin looks ugly and the lotion functions to help you cover it from sight.

What Kind of Lotion that Will Work Well for Your Tattoos

Not all of the lotion product will work best for your tattoos. Here are some kinds of lotion that can be used for aftercare tattoos.

1.             Special Lotion for Tattoos Healing

Specific lotions which are especially designed for aftercare tattoos usually contain nutrients and ingredients that are very useful for healing wounds caused by tattoo needles. Avoid picking up the ones that contain dangerous ingredients such as artificial scents or colors and harsh chemicals.

2.             Standard Moisturizing Lotion

There are also standard moisturizing lotions that are often used by people to treat their brand new tattoos. They also can be used to cure the tattoo wounds though they are not as effective as the ones especially made for tattoo treatment. You can easily find the products in supermarket or in internet. But just keep in mind to not picking up the ones with artificial scents or colors as well as preservative ingredients.

What Products to Avoid

Avoid picking up lotion that is petroleum – based. This is because such kind of product is water and air – tight (non – porous). It means that the substance can create holes on the areas in which oxygen is needed to treat the tattoos.


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