Convenient 4 out of 1 cavitation rooftop weight reduction machine


Voltage: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Screen: 8 inch contact screen

Power utilization: ≤800W

Cooling yield temperature: – 4~10°C

Vacuum: 650mmhg

Crop yield weight (Vacuum weight): 0-106kpa

Cavitation Frenquency: 40Khz

RF recurrence: 5Mhz

Barometrical weight: 80KPa – 106KPa

Crop Top Size: 68*100*180mm

Net weight: 25KG

Net weight: 39KG

Machine measure: 680*480*550mm

Pressing size: 700*500mm*550mm

Cryolipolysis Highlights

1. The current non-careful therapeutic, restorative advances and new problem area.

2. Further developed than liposuction, fat liquefying innovation.

3. Europear most prominent better approach to get more fit.

4. Can be up to 26% of the treated territory of new innovation to wreck fat.

5. Unrivaled RF and ultrasound fat liquefying innovation.

6. Selectivity can be eliminated an excess midsection, back fat and cellulite smaller scale advancements.

40Khz Cavitation

Its belongings in fat tissue produce, fat fracture and the resulting dissemination of adipocytes lipid grid which join to tissue liquids. Emulsificated fat is helped to the liver through ordinary metabolic tracks.

Multiplier RF 5Mhz

The RF is a non-shifty innovation arranged to revive, counterbalancing the cutaneous acridity and betters the nature of the skin. In blend with the chilly allows an entire methodology of the skin streamlining the outcomes.

Presentation of cavitation riff machine

1. 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation head

2. 5MHZ 6-polar RF head

3. Fat solidifying handles

Eyes: evacuating bruised eye edge, pocket and wrinkle of eyes;

Face: advancing, brightening and making skin, delicate, wiping off the scar;

Body: getting in shape successfully, evacuating striae gravidarum and fixing tissue;


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