18 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Black Spots on Your Face Quickly

SKINBEA.COM18 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Black Spots on the Face Quickly. Black spots are a skin problem that is a frightening specter for most women. Too many black spots on the face certainly make someone less confident. That is why many women who choose facial treatments in beauty salons or use a variety of products that promise to eliminate black spots on the face and whiten it.

Natural Tips to Get Rid of Black Spots on the Face Quickly

There are various causes of black spots that interfere with facial skin, partly because of acne scars or scars. Whatever the trigger, you still need to remove black spots so that the face looks fresher, brighter and attractive. Below will be explained several natural ways to eliminate black spots on the face that are effective for you to try.

1. Using Aloe Vera

Aloe vera (aloe vera) certainly does not doubt its benefits for the skin. The benefits of aloe vera in the world of beauty have been widely applied and the facts prove that aloe vera can be used as a black spot removal agent on the skin. Aloe vera is very effective to help remove dead skin cells and trigger the process of cell regeneration so that new skin cells will grow.

For its use, we only need to take aloe vera plants and take meat or gel to taste. Wash your face with warm water then apply aloe vera gel on the skin that has black spots. When applying, do massage for about one minute then let it soak for about 20 minutes. Then clean the facial skin using clean water. Do it routinely 2 times every day until the black spots on the face fade and disappear.

2. Using Sandalwood

The oil contained in sandalwood is very natural and proven to be used for skin care especially as a black spot remover. The skin that is treated using sandalwood will look brighter and brighter. The most practical use is to use sandalwood that has become powder to maintain facial skin.

How: Sandalwood powder that needs to be provided is enough 1 tablespoon and one tablespoon of glycerin and rose water 3 tablespoons. You can also use pure honey or milk if there is no rose water. Combine the three ingredients and stir until they form a thick paste. Then apply to the skin with black spots and wait for about 20 minutes after that, rinse using warm water. Just use the dose once a day, do regular maintenance every day until the black spots on the face slowly disappear.

3. Using Lemon Juice

Lemon fruit is a type of fruit that is widely believed to eliminate black spots on the face. The lemon you will use has a high dose of vitamin C which is very effective for brightening the skin so the black spots on the face will fade.

How: Make lemon juice to taste and then dip cotton in it and rub it into the skin, especially on the black spots on your face. Wait for about 10 minutes after that you can clean using clean water. You can do routine maintenance every day for at least 2 weeks in a row to get the results you expect. If you are worried because you have sensitive skin, make lemon juice thinner by mixing water first.

4. Utilizing Potatoes

Potatoes are a type of plant source of carbohydrates that are good for the body, the good news is that potatoes can be used to treat facial skin. Potatoes can fade black spots because of its enzymes that can improve skin health and reduce pigmentation.

Method 1:

Use potato juice extract that has been added with a little lemon juice and also a little turmeric powder. Apply this mixture to the black spots on the skin and let it dry. After drying you can wash with clean water.

Method 2:

Prepare a potato, peel the skin, and wash thoroughly then grate. Mix the grated potatoes with a little honey. After finished, then you apply evenly to your face, especially on the part that appears black spots. Wait to dry for at least 15 minutes before you clean it with warm water to rinse.

Method 3:

The simplest way, you can slice the potatoes into more than one portion. Then you slice the potato into the face skin area that appears black spots. Let stand more than one minute, then rinse your face with warm water.

5. Using Turmeric

Want to whiten the face naturally? Turmeric turns out you can use to eliminate black spots on the face perfectly. Turmeric can improve skin pigmentation due to free radicals and sunlight.

How: Provide turmeric which is now commonly found in the form of turmeric powder as much as 2 teaspoons, then mix with lemon juice and a little milk to form a thick paste. After the paste is formed, apply to the face that has black spots, wait for about one minute. Rinse using warm water afterward.

6. Drinking water

However, we need to consume at least 8-12 glasses of water a day so you can avoid dehydration and other internal diseases. Drinking enough water is very important for freshness and skin moisture and is very helpful if you are doing treatments to remove black spots on the face.

Not difficult to get used to drinking enough water. This is because water plays an important role in the detoxification process of your body where all the toxins from the body can be easily removed. Thus, the face will look brighter, fresh and black spots will certainly fade gradually as long as you do it every day consistently.

7. Using Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that offers many nutrients that are good for the health of the body and skin. The enzymes in papaya have a good function as removal of black spots and help remove dead skin cells.

The trick: You simply grate the fresh green papaya which then grated mixed with a little lime juice. You can apply the mixture directly on facial skin with black spots. Wait for about 15 minutes then you can rinse it; just do it twice a week regularly so you can feel the benefits.

8. Using Shallot Juice

Shallots that you usually encounter in the kitchen turned out to have an acid content that is useful for whitening skin naturally. Shallot juice can treat all types of black spots on the face.

How: Finely mash or make onion juice, then you can dip a cotton swab. Wipe immediately to the part of facial skin that has black spots. Wait until it dries on its own before you finally rinse it with clean water.

9. Make use of Oatmeal

Oatmeal which is widely used to nourish the heart seems to have saponin levels which can be a natural facial cleanser. Making it as a mask will be able to help natural ways to eliminate black spots on the face and rejuvenate the skin.

How: Provide ½ cup oatmeal, then you crush and add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice to form a paste. Use it for face masks every day by gently rubbing it on your face like you are wearing a scrub. Use warm water to clean it just after the mask on the face has dried.

10. Using Almonds

Almonds are a type of natural ingredient that can be used for facial lightening. Acne scars or black spots on the face can be removed as long as the treatment is done routinely.

How: Provide 8-10 almond seeds that have high vitamin E content, then soak in milk solution all night. The next day you can peel the skin and crush it. Add one teaspoon sandalwood powder and ½ teaspoon honey, mix and stir until evenly mixed until the paste is formed. Use directly for face masks, let stand 1/2 hour before you rinse. You should not do it every day, just 2 times a week regularly.

11. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

For how to get rid of dark spots on the face, using apple cider vinegar is very reliable. In addition to fading out black spots, the problem of dappled skin can also be overcome.

How: Provide apple cider vinegar then dilute with water so it is not too acidic. If you want, adding honey is also allowed. Rub the mixture especially on the black spots that are going to be fade. Wait for about 2-3 minutes before you rinse with clean water. Apply once a day is enough to give satisfactory results.

12. Using Cucumbers

Cucumber is a natural ingredient that can refresh the skin due to its high water content. Not only that, vitamins C, E, and A and also the potassium content is also very much. Cucumbers are also soothing so they can make the skin more relaxed.

How: To fade the black spots, available cucumber slices that are still green and fresh small size at least 2 to 3 pieces. Soak in a glass of water for about an hour, then do the filtering so that the water can be used to wash or clean the face. By applying regularly, your skin will be brighter and black spots will disappear.

13. Utilizing Pure Honey

As long as you use pure and genuine honey, you can get maximum results to eliminate black spots on the face.

The trick: Just drop pure honey and rubbed into the skin area that has black spots. Wait to dry first, about an hour then use clean water to wash your face. This method is very safe in the application so that if you want this treatment every night before going to bed and leaving it overnight won’t be a problem. You will be able to prove your face free of black spots with honey if you apply this method regularly.

14. Using Watermelon Skin

Watermelon skin has a high content of vitamins C, B and A and fiber, watermelon which is a fresh and sweet fruit can reduce black spots on the face.

How: Slice the watermelon that you have prepared, eat or set aside the meat and collect the skin, don’t throw it away. The inside of the watermelon skin is what can be rubbed on the face with black spots on your face. You can leave the essence sipping perfectly by leaving it for a few minutes. Take clean water and wash your face clean. Within 1 week, do it 2-3 times routinely to get maximum results.

15. Using Vitamin E Oil

To treat wounds, vitamin E is a mainstay because there are high antioxidants in it. A study has stated that vitamin E plays an important role as a stabilizer of collagen production that can penetrate the dermis.

Here’s how: You need to provide vitamin E oil and mix it with castor oil then apply it to the black spots on your face. After a few moments, do the cleaning by removing it using clean water. Alternatively, you can also combine vitamin E oil with aloe vera gel or aloe vera which is used as a face mask.

16. Using Bengkoang

You can also use Bengkoang to remove black spots. This fruit is known as a powerful ingredient for lightening and moisturizing facial skin and body skin.

How: To use it, you can mash Sengkang to taste, then we apply directly to the face while massaging. Sengkang mask can be used once every 2 days or may also if you want treatment once a week. Provided routine, you can immediately say goodbye to black spots.

17. Using Tomatoes

Tomatoes with vitamin C content can certainly brighten the skin naturally. Its function as a way to make white hands that are black is already too reliable, so even black stains can be overcome.

Here’s how: Provide enough tomato juice added with a little lemon juice. Rub on the black face evenly while giving a massage. This herb is very useful for dealing with dark pigmentation of the skin, skin discoloration, and disturbing black spots. Just do the treatment once a day then you will get an amazing solution for your beauty.

18. Using Yogurt
Yogurt is not only good for consumption when dieting, but can also be used as a facial skin mask. Its usefulness as black spots on the skin has been proven, so you don’t need to hesitate to try it.

How: Provide enough plain yogurt then you just rubbed directly on the skin to the black berefek. Wait for it to dry for about 20 minutes before you rinse it with cold water. This treatment can be even more effective if done regularly before you sleep at night and in the morning you just rinse your face.

No matter what causes black spots on your face, natural ways to get rid of the black spots are ready for you to practice. With very young material obtained, there is no reason for anyone not to take care.

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