5 Ways To Choose Acne Soap That Is Good for Your Face and Body

SKINBEA.COMAcne-prone skin is often a complaint of many people. Without proper treatment, acne can get worse, cause damage to skin tissue, and even cause a person to become inferior to depression. To treat it, the main step you must run is to determine acne soap for the face and body accordingly. Don’t be confused, look at product reviews first to make sure you choose the right product.

Tips for Choosing the Best Acne Soap For Skin

The main key to determining acne soap is to pay attention to the content contained in cleaning agents. The appearance of pimples on the skin means that the middle skin has a problem so that it becomes more sensitive.

If your skin is sensitive, what kind of substances that stick to the skin will affect, right? That is why determining acne soap must be right. Some important things that you must pay attention to to choose the right acne soap are:

1. Selection of the right active ingredients

You must know that not all cleaning products are produced for the same type. There are special treatments for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. Well, for those of you who have problems with acne-prone skin, make your choice on the type of product that contains certain active ingredients as anti-acne.

The best type of soap for acne on the face or body is one that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Sandi Skotnicki, a skin specialist and founder of the Toronto’s Dermatology Center, as quoted by Everyday Health. Both of the active ingredients mentioned above are more specialized to prevent the appearance of blackheads, reduce skin oil production and help release dead skin cells, and also able to kill acne-triggering bacteria.

2. Read the concentration of active ingredients

Acne soap for the face and body is different. Do not get confused or choose wrong. Whether it’s for the face or the body, both contain different concentrations of active substances.

Usually, soap has a higher concentration of active substances of more or less 10 percent, while only 5% for the face. Incorrect selection of soap can trigger skin conditions getting worse.

3. Think again about whether you need soap or not

Overcoming acne-prone skin can be started by consuming vitamins or beauty care products, such as acne soap. If you deal with acne by taking acne medication, consult your dermatologist, may you use anti-acne soap or not.

Because the combination treatment can cause increased doses of anti-acne substances used. Thus, the skin can become drier and accompanied by irritation. Therefore, it is highly recommended for your acne treatment to consult a dermatologist first.

4. Avoid products containing fragrance

In addition to the active ingredients, the skin care products that you must choose are fragrance-free. Why? Isn’t it a product that smells better?

Don’t be mistaken, fragrance ingredients can indeed pamper your nose. However, the type of acne soap that contains fragrance ingredients can irritate your skin. Fragrance ingredients both from natural and chemical ingredients can change the condition of acne-prone skin to get worse.

5. Choose non-comedogenic products

Choose products that contain non-comedogenic ingredients, and oils that can moisturize the skin. The oil that does not inhibit skin pores can expedite the skin’s air circulation and maintain skin’s moisture, thus preventing acne.

Examples of non-comedogenic oils include linoleic oil or grapeseed oil, sunflower oil.

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