2 In 1 IPL Nd Yag Laser Machine for Removing Hair and Removing Tattoos

This multifunctional beauty machine is a beauty machine with the latest model in 2019. This machine has three main technologies namely IPL, Nd Yag Laser and RF. The combination is quite important and amazing. Because usually the type of IPL machine, Nd Yag laser and RF is a type of technology from beauty machines that are often used in beauty clinics in the world to perform beauty treatments. This IPL Nd Yag Laser RF machine has a P68 serial model in its production. Already have nine language systems that can be adapted to your language.

This engine cooling system uses semiconductors and air conditioning and water cooling. Regarding the output power of this 2 in 1 engine the amount is about 2500 watts. For the IPL SHR Elight handle parameter on this beauty machine, the pulse width can be adjusted from 1 to 10 ms, while the pulse interval setting is around 1 to 100 ms. We can adjust the frequency from 1 to 10 Hz. Regarding IPL SHR Elight wavelength is 430nm, 480nm, 530nm, 560nm and 640nm. When using this IPL Elight function requires energy of 2000 watts with the energy density released around 1 to 50 / cm2 or for its RF energy density around 1-50 Hz.

For the parameter Nd Yag Laser on this multifunctional beauty machine requires about 500 watts of power. The wavelengths generated at the Nd Yag Laser handle are 164nm, 532nm and 1320nm. The biggest energy density is 2000 mj with working frequency between 1 to 10 Hz.

Function 2 In 1 IPL Nd Yag Laser Machine
The benefits of this multifunction machine include being able to remove hair permanently quickly, being able to remove skin pigmentation and removing black spots on the skin. This multi-functional beauty machine can also be used to treat acne and vascular problems. In addition, other functions are for skin rejuvenation, facial removal and removing wrinkles on the skin. The Nd Yag Laser function is used to erase all tattoo colors, erase lip lines, erase eyebrow and eye lines and erase birthmarks and nevus.

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