7 Ways to Shrink Sagging Belly After Natural Childbirth

SKINBEA.com7 Ways of Shrinking Stomach After Giving Birth Naturally | A woman is naturally pregnant and giving birth to preserve offspring. However, after giving birth, it is certain that you will experience a sagging stomach which of course becomes an irritating thing for most women.
If that’s the case, then getting rid of a sagging stomach after giving birth can be the next program. Well, the following will be presented how to tighten the skin of the sagging belly after childbirth, whether it is born normally or through caesarean section.

Tips for Relieving Stomach Sagging After Childbirth
Drink plenty of water
Consumption of water after giving birth is one of the natural ways to flatten sagging sagging stomach to recover quickly. Water will help the process of removing toxins in the body and burn calories. That way the skin will be more elastic and firmer.

Eat more protein
Healthy skin does not escape from adequate protein intake. Protein has important benefits in the formation of collagen in the body. Collagen will increase skin elasticity so that skin texture will be tighter so that it helps overcome the sagging stomach after giving birth

Exfoliate the skin
Exfoliation is exfoliation which is a traditional treatment to tighten the skin by rubbing. Exfoliation with rubbing steps is beneficial for removing dead skin cells and improving blood circulation so that it can eliminate the sagging stomach.

Regular exercise
Exercise is one way to reduce belly fat in men and women that is effective and can restore the firmness of sagging skin. The most recommended exercise for shrinking a distended abdomen is yoga and aerobic exercise which is able to facilitate circulation, increase muscle strength in the stomach, and trigger the death of dead skin cells in damaged body tissues.

Do not hesitate to breastfeed because besides carrying out the conduct as a woman, breastfeeding will make the skin healthier and more beautiful.

Do a massage
Massaging is an effective way to tighten the distended and flaky belly skin. On the part of the skin that you massage, especially the abdomen will arise movements that make the skin cells become active so that it will make the skin become tight. Do regular massage using a skin cream containing vitamins C, E and K. Regular massage will increase blood circulation and make cells become active so that the structure of the skin will be tighter and lifted.

Muscle strength training
Exercise is important, but don’t forget to focus on the special movements of the sport to reduce the distended and sagging stomach. Namely increasing the portion of the movement that concentrates the abdominal muscles. This exercise can train the performance of muscles that can produce cells and strong tissue that functions to tighten the skin.

Now that’s the way to get rid of the sagging stomach naturally that you can practice. To further improve the results, you may be able to calculate the use of post-delivery abdominal slimming corsets.