8 Ways to Get Rid of Black Spots with Betel Leaves and their Benefits

SKINBEA.COMBlack spots is one of the many skin problems that often appear on the face. There are various factors that trigger the appearance of black spots on the face, including acne scars, sun poisoning, and because it does not match the cosmetics used. The emergence of black spots on the face is certainly disturbing our daily appearance. No wonder that now many beauty clinics are emerging that offer skin care services to eliminate black spots, for example facial laser, technology to reduce black spots and so on.

If we have more budget, it is very possible this step we can do. But what if we only have a mediocre budget? will black spots continue to be a frightening specter? Do not despair because we can still use other methods to eliminate black spots on the face with natural ingredients that are cheap and easy to get, one of which uses betel leaves. If you are interested, here’s how to get rid of black spots on the face using betel leaves. It’s time to try.

The content of Betel Leaves
There are various types of betel leaves that we can find, ranging from red betel leaves, green betel leaves, black betel leaves, and yellow betel leaves. All of them have similar benefits and properties that are very effective as natural herbal medicines. Betel leaf is widely known as a spice that is effective in curing various special diseases such as female problems. Starting from launching menstruation, getting rid of body odor, to treating skin cancer, all can be done by applying betel leaves.

There are several important ingredients found in betel leaves, namely essential oils tannin, saponins, flavonoids, allylprokatekol, cineole substances, terpinene, carvacrol, and still, there are man,y others. The content of these compounds makes betel leaves have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-cancer functions.

How to Get Rid of Black Spots Using Betel Leaves
One function of the betel leaf for beauty is removing black spots and acne scars on the face. The content of compounds contained in the betel leaf is efficient enough to handle this one skin case. For those of you who are having black spots on your face, maybe how to get rid of black spots with the following betel leaves can be tried:

How I Get Rid of Black Spots with Betel Leaves:
1. Prepare 4 to 5 fresh betel leaves and then rinse thoroughly.
2. Mash until smooth
3. Apply to the facial skin, especially on the black spots found on the skin
4. Allow a few minutes to dry and soak into the surface of the skin, and rinse using clean water.
5. Do this method regularly until you get maximum results

Method II Eliminating Black Spots with Betel Leaves:
1. Prepare 2 to 3 pieces of fresh betel leaves and 2 tablespoons of lime
2. Mash until both ingredients are thoroughly mixed
3. Apply evenly to all facial skin and leave less than 20 minutes
4. Rinse using water until clean
5. Perform this step 2-3 times each week until the black spots on the face fade and disappear.

Method III Eliminating Black Spots with Betel Leaves:
1. Prepare 3 to 4 betel leaves and then boil it using clean water
2. After that use the betel lea,f steeping water to wash the face
3. Do it 2 to 3 times a day regularly so that the black spots slowly fade
4. The methods above also apply to eliminate black spots on the face due to cosmetic errors.

Other Benefits in Betel Leaves for Beauty
Betel leaf can not only be used to overcome the black spots on the face, but there are many other uses for the beauty that we can get, among others:

Overcoming acne
For those of you who have acne problems on the face, we can use betel leaves to treat acne on inflamed faces. The method is quite easy, we only need to finely crush betel leaves and after that smear it on the acne-prone skin parts. Do this method 2 times a day every morning and evening until the pimples dry.

Shrink pores
The antiseptic content in the betel leaf can be utilized to reduce facial pores which cause various skin problems. You can apply it as a betel leaf mask every night before going to sleep.

Smooth and refresh the face
If your face is rough and dull? Maybe you can try applying betel leaves to overcome them. Use betel leaf masks every day regularly so that the face becomes naturally bright. Don’t forget to consume at least 8 glasses of water every day so that the skin’s moisture is always maintained.

Tighten facial skin
Try to boil the betel leaves with water, after the temperature warms up, wash your face after a day of activities. Perform this step regularly so you can get results.

Overcoming excessive oil on the face
Betel leaf can also be used to treat excess oil abnormalities on the face. The antiseptic content in it can control excess oil levels on facial skin. To use it, we can make it a mask that can be used routinely.

Now that’s a way to get rid of black spots on the face with betel leaves that we can try. Besides being cheap, it is certain that the use of betel leaf for the skin is far safer because of its truly natural ingredients. Using betel leaf for skin care is included in the natural facial treatment method. You can use it regularly to get the results you want. Hopefully, the iinformationn above is useful for you.