Beauty Care Before Starting a Holiday Expedition by Airplane

SKINBEA.COM – Do you have a vacation plan to use a plane with a long flight? Not that you forget the routine beauty care. You can keep your face before starting the expedition to protect facial moisture, so that it always looks fresh. This thing is definitely about to make your vacation moments more perfect, with fresh portraits for sharing on your social media.
Beauty Care Before Starting a Holiday Expedition by Airplane

As quoted from the Boldsky website, Friday (3/12/2019), following regular beauty treatments are very efficient that you can live when you take a vacation expedition by plane.

1. Wash your face before the flight

Before starting your flight by plane, start with the beauty routine of washing your face. Humidity is a matter of significance when you carry out long expeditions by plane. So choose a cleanser that carries dirt on the skin and helps nourish your skin.

2. Protect extra skin moisture

You can protect the skin’s moisture by using extra moisturizer. When in the air pressure on the plane and the atmosphere of cold temperatures want to make skin dry. To overcome this, apply extra moisturizer. Repeat using moisturizer when you feel the skin starts to dry.

3. Use probiotic products

The skin’s immune system is about to decrease during flight. So, to increase skin protection, protect inflammation, and always stay surrounded by molecules, it is recommended to apply topical probiotics to strengthen skin immunity and health.

4. Regularly apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must in your skin care routine throughout the flight. When traveling on sunlight flights can be more risky at that altitude. So, sunscreen wants to protect the skin from skin cases due to sun exposure.

5. Drink lots of water

Facial treatments that you live above is for protecting the skin from the outside. Not only that the body also requires a little encouragement from within. To protect the moisture level of your skin and protect it to stay healthy, drink plenty of water just before the flight.
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