Benefits of Skin Care Made from Alpha Arbutin for Facial Skin

SKINBEA.COM – Do you have a problem with skin complexion, or do you want to have a face that looks healthier and brighter? Skin care options made from alpha arbutin may be an alternative for those of you who don’t want very hard ingredients and make skin dry. Benefits of Skin Care Made from Alpha Arbutin for Facial Skin

At this time, a variety of skin care products have emerged that offer facial light. However, sometimes facial lighting products on the market are not all healthy. Well, one alternative that you can try is alpha arbutin, a substance that is considered more comfortable to brighten the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What are the properties listed behind alpha arbutin, most importantly not only to brighten the face? Following the review.

What is alpha arbutin?

When before recognizing what are the properties of alpha arbutin, it helps you get acquainted first with the ingredients of this skin care product.

Alpha arbutin (4- hydroxyphenylα-glucopyranoside), or also written with α-arbutin, is a substance derived from hydroquinone. Or in other words, the content contained in alpha arbutin is the synthetic type of hydroquinone.

Alpha arbutin is made from various types of plants and fruits, such as bearberry, blueberry, cranberry, pear skin, and wheat.

Arbutin consists of alpha and beta arbutin. Reporting from Skin City, alpha arbutin has more normal and efficient contents for the skin when compared to beta arbutin. Not only that, alpha arbutin has the right characteristic to dissolve easily in water. Thus, the properties listed in alpha arbutin are more pervasive in the skin.

What are the benefits of alpha arbutin for facial skin?

Here are the various benefits that you can get by using alpha arbutin for your facial skin:

1. Brighten the face without causing irritated skin

One of the very popular properties of alpha arbutin is helping your facial skin look brighter. This is because alpha arbutin has an agent that can slow the creation of tyrosinase.

Tyrosinase is an enzyme in melanocytes, cells that produce pigments, melamine which functions in ensuring your skin complexion. The creation of tyrosinase is about to be triggered by exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. This situation causes the skin to look dirty and dark.

Now, because alpha arbutin helps slow the creation of tyrosinase, the resulting pigments also become less, so the skin also appears brighter. Unlike hyrdroquinone which works by the method of killing these cells, alpha arbutin is just trying to suppress the speed of pigment creation. That’s why you can feel the efficacy of alpha arbutin without facing side effects such as dry skin or irritation.

2. Reduce hyperpigmentation and black spots

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which your skin has the creation of pigment that goes too far, so that sometimes blotches or dark spots are also sticking out. This situation, for Essential Oil Safety, is in fact very universal in the facial skin of ethnic Asian people compared to other ethnic groups.

Based on a 2008 study, the use of alpha arbutin for 12 weeks showed significant changes in the skin. Dark spots fade, and the appearance of the skin also appears brighter and more comprehensive.

By regularly wearing it on the face every day, you want to see for yourself the efficacy of alpha arbutin on your skin complexion.

3. Fade the remaining acne

Often the pimples that have been deflated leave a residual patterned dark or tanned on the skin. This subject is certainly quite disturbing and can affect your self-confidence.

Another benefit that you can have by wearing alpha arbutin regularly is to fade the remaining dark spots of acne. The method of its work is also uniform by fading out dark spots caused by exposure to sunlight, by limiting the creation of excess pigment in the skin.