Dry and Broken Skin Treat with this method

SKINBEA.COM – The part of the body that is often ignored by the majority of people is the foot. Meanwhile the appearance of the legs also greatly influences your appearance. Especially if you have dry skin types, your skin is prone to rupture which makes you continue to become insecure. There are many triggers that affect skin moisture, most importantly temperature and weather.

For those of you who often spend time in cold rooms, the character of the air conditioner that absorbs water makes it easier to lose body fluids and cause dry skin. To overcome this, it is necessary to consume lots of water. Not only that, the use of bar soap and footwear material also affects the state of the skin. Take a peek at the following method for avoiding broken leg skin.

1. Enterprisingly wearing a scrub

Use scrubs when scrub beads are rubbed on dry skin so that dead skin cells are removed and the skin becomes moist at the same time. Stay away from using sharp scrubs because they can cause injury due to very sharp particles.
Make it more comfortable, you can use a home made scrub. The trick is pretty easy, Teman Fimela can make sugar scrubs that have been universally used. Prepare half a glass of brown sugar, one tablespoon honey, olive oil (or other optional oil) half a glass, and lemon juice. The texture of brown sugar which is not very aggressive compared to ordinary sugar wants to help the skin maintain foot moisture after being rubbed. Honey also has a role to help soften and moisturize the feet. Lemon juice has also been popular in telling to brighten and even out the skin. You need to do scrubbing at least 1-2 times a week to protect the condition of your skin so it does not dry out or break.

2. Soak feet with warm water

Not only can relax the body, soaking the feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes can soften the skin on the feet. You can do this before you wear scrubs or 10 minutes before you sleep at night. You can increase baking soda which has a role in transporting dead skin cells which can cause your skin to break.

Methods for dealing with dry and chapped skin

3. Use Moisturizer regularly

Stay away from lotions, creams, and moisturizers that have alcohol, bonus deodorizers, and artificial blushes because these ingredients can aggravate dry skin. Moisturizing the foot in an orderly manner with a comfortable moisturizer helps reduce dry skin and prevent new dry skin to accumulate. Moisturize the feet after using an exfoliator (scrub) to help the skin lock moisture.

4. Selection of footwear

Reporting from honestdocs. jw.org en stay away from the use of slippery footwear or can make feet switch because friction between the foot and the sole can cause skin irritation. If you really like wearing flip-flops, to choose thick soles.

Without treatment, dry skin can thicken and damage, making the feet vulnerable to inflammation. Always protecting the body so that the ion remains surrounded by molecules with a minimum of 8 glasses of water consumption in one day can also help you cope with cases of dry skin. Thank you for reading Dry and Broken Skin Legs? Treat with this method, hopefully useful. Keep visiting the skinbea website to get updates on posts about beauty machine products and other beauty guides. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on BEAUTY CHANNEL IND.