High Intensity Focused Ultrasound For Face Lifting – Hifu Facelift Machine

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound For Face Lifting – Hifu Facelift Machine

Sleek skin is the source of the aging process. Overall slacking as occurs on the chin (double chin) and sagging causing unclear facial lines, or even sagging that occurs partly as it is in eye bags and nasolabial folds, are all signs of another skin laxity that will come.

Ultrasound with high-intensity focus or in English “High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) was initially used in the treatment of cancer and tumors. Until finally the researchers found that the transducer can focus the energy from ultrasound to reach the inner layers of skin that can not be achieved by laser light while making the skin layer that becomes the target point becomes hard and solid. Then later, the surrounding tissue began to shrink, resulting in the raised skin. Because HIFU leaves no marks on the epidermis, HIFU then becomes a new concept in the field of non-invasive Skin Lifting around the world.

HIFU has received a positive response since it first came. In ten thousand samples of treatment samples, HIFU achieved 99.6% satisfaction, making it a key standard in Skin lifting & Wrinkle removal.

Benefits of Usinghifufacelift machine:
1. Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, and lips
2. Tighten the skin on the forehead, raising the eyebrow line
3. Lift and tighten skin cheeks
4. Fix the skin, make it more beautiful and smooth
5. Improve skin elasticity and restore firmness to the outline of the face
6. Can be combined with aesthetic injection like hyaluronic to handle aging problems
7. Fix the chin line and reduce the line “marionette” (straight line from the end of the lips down to the chin)


Work principle:
– HIFU: Non-Invasive. Ultrasound is focused on a single point to create high energy, leading to SMAS and making the surrounding tissue shrink, resulting in a face lifting and tightened effect,
– THERMAGE: Non-Invasive. Using Radio Frequency to heat the skin and produce collagen renewal

Treatment Temperature hifu beauty machine:
– HIFU: The inner skin is heated at a temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius. The targeted tissue will shrink rapidly and the formation of new collagen immediately forms
– Thermage: The skin will be heated to a temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius, in order to produce more collagen

Depth Treatment Area hifufacelift machine :
– HIFU: Depth of 1.5mm – 4.5mm, fibrous septum and SMAS in deeper layers
– Thermage: Just reach the fibrous septum

How Much Makes You Look Younger hifu skin care machine:
– HIFU: 3 – 8 Years
– Thermage: 1 Year

Results And Period Effects of Treatment Results hifu facial machine:
– HIFU: Results can be directly viewed and last up to 12 – 24 months
– Thermage: Results take 3 – 6 months to look and can last between 6 – 12 months

Level of Pain in Treatment:
– HIFU: 1
– Thermage: 3

Duration of Treatment / Session Meetings:
– HIFU: 1 time / year
– Thermage: 2-4 times / year

Completely noninvasive. You can wear
make-up 15 minutes after undergoing treatment using HIFU

The process of work is relatively fast with
optimum results. Complete treatment on the face
and the neck only takes between
40-50 minutes only.

Treatment hifu slimming machine results will last between 1 and 2 years

Non-Invasive, painless, and no side effects at all

Treatments that have flexibility. 1-time treatment can give instant results instantly visible


From the bottom to the deepest, the skin layers are divided into Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous Fat, SMAS, Muscles, and Bones. In
traditional facial surgical removal methods, surgery is performed to remove SMAS to get firm skin and raise the skin to its original position. Now thanks to HIFU, we can achieve the ease of reaching deeper areas of the skin without injuring.

HIFU Ultherapy has a depth between 1.5mm to 4.5mm. In addition to acting on the septa fibrous, Ultherapy also achieves a deeper SMAS layer; the main key of a regular facelift surgery. Therefore, HIFU has achieved a new record as the first non-intrusive tool that can provide care at SMAS. Any HIFU (TCP) energy points below the skin can reach temperatures between 65-70 degrees Celsius, this is the strongest temperature of all other non-invasive skincare equipment ever.


Clean the entire skin in depth.
Observe the condition of the skin condition, and arrange the best therapy plan that will be done.
Do the treatment perfectly, run the process stages according to the procedure, complete, and thorough.
Do the treatment perfectly, run the process stages according to the procedure, complete, and thorough.

TREATMENT PROCESS USING HIFU – hifu wrinkle removal machine
1. Touch the “Home” button to enter the view of the treatment implementation
2. Display layer parameter settings
3. Depth view of a treatment
4. Shows the work area being treated
5. Shot Counter
6. Shows the Head currently in use
7. setting energy scale and speed level

Photo Description 1 (Original HIFU) – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound For Face Lifting – Hifu Facelift Machine:
– The circled area is non-conductive thin-film
– The epidermal layer does not feel hot when it touches the film layer, the mild-scale flavor of heat is felt on the subcutaneous tissue
Photo Explanation 2 (Fake HIFU):
– The circled area made of a silicon material or heat conducting metal
– Silicon will feel hot at the touch. The heat felt in the epidermis
Photo Explanation 3 (Original HIFU):
– By applying a HIFU head to a 4mm synthetic glass, it will show the point behind the glass that will also feel hot to the touch
Photo Explanation 4 (Fake HIFU):
– There are no effects and changes to the glass as the original HIFU
Photo Explanation 5 (Original HIFU):
– As seen in the circled area, the original HIFU head can automatically work in line. The sound of the engine while working can be heard clearly.
– The number of points in any line can be set
Photo Explanation 6 (Fake HIFU):
– The sound of the engine is not audible

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