Korean Skincare Suggestions for Having a Glass Skin Display

SKINBEA – Korea is still quite in demand by skincare lovers in the World. Some Korean artists become beauty mecca through the skin care used. Not long ago, a new trend emerged from South Korea is perfectly clear skin. This clear skin is often said like a glass skin with facial skin that is soft, moist and shiny. The following description of Korean Skincare Suggestions for Having a Glass Skin Display.

To get the condition of the skin, the right skincare product is needed. Along with the Glass Skin Day Ahead campaign, Sociolla also shared suggestions on some Korean skincare that you can use to get glass skin. Anything?

Korean Skincare Suggestions for Having a Glass Skin Display


This brand is one of the skincare brands whose products are sourced from Green Grades Environmental Working Groups (EWG) standards. With this standard, essenHerb reduces the use of substances at risk for the area of ​​its product by 95 percent using organic materials.

essenHerb appears in Indonesia with 3 product variants. It is the Bulgarian Rose whose role is to keep the ions surrounded by molecules and nourish the skin so the skin feels soft, Tea Tree has a role to calm sensitive and irritated skin, and Black Tea is rich in antioxidants so that it can limit premature aging.

Son Park

Made by 2 professional makeup artists from South Korea, Son Park carries a series of simple skincare for capturing natural, healthy and shiny skin. So you no longer need to wear heavy makeup every day.

Son Park also appeared with 4 of its flagship products in Indonesia. It is Beauty Water that is able to exfoliate, sterilize and moisturize the skin. There is also a Beauty Gel that has collagen with gel texture to make the skin feel smooth without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin. Meanwhile, the Beauty Filter Cream Glow is intended to make the skin look smooth, sort of without pores. And Beauty Full Mask becomes a mask that is able to correct the state of the skin with essence in 5 minutes.


Having pearls from the sea in South Korea, skincare products from Klavuu are rich in minerals and have a variety of active biological substances. The point is to moisturize the skin, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin and increase skin immunity.

Korean Skincare Suggestions for Having a Glass Skin Display. To get glass skin, Klavuu has 4 product variants that appear in Indonesia. Initially, the Pure Pearlsation Series consisted of facial cleansing products that worked efficiently to sterilize facial makeup. There is also a White Pearlsation Series that plays a role in enlightening and protecting skin from aging with the contents of Korean pearl extract and 33 seaweed extracts.

Third, the Blue Pearlsation Series which helps hydrate and soothe skin enriched with contents that come from luat without using purified water. Finally, the Red Pearlsation Series has the role of protecting the skin from sun exposure.

Faith in Face

So Hydrogel masks are very in demand in Korea, Faith in Face is made with natural ingredients, such as collagen, essential oils, vit E, free parabens, and Hypoallergenic.

Formally appearing in Indonesia in December 2019, Faith in Face has 4 mask variants. It is a Hydrogel Mask that locks moisture and helps absorption of nutrients better than ordinary sheet masks. There is also a Jelly Sheet Mask that becomes a mask with essences in the form of preliminary scrutiny. This scrutiny can protect the effectiveness and active ingredients of the serum so that it lasts longer.

Not only that, there is a Pearl Cellulose Sheet Mask that is able to share multiple properties in one mask. Finally, Premium Foil Mask which has a Gold Powder Essence that can take over morning and night creams.

Thus the posting of Korean Skincare Advice for Having a Glass Skin Display. Hopefully useful. Don’t forget to visit the youtube skinbea channel on BEAUTY CHANNEL IND.