Method for whitening skin naturally without side effects

SKINBEA.COM – Indonesian women are mostly brown-skinned which is not exactly black or rather white. Will, however, not a few Indonesian women who have olive skin, white to black. As we know it at this time, white skin is one of the trends for Asian women who make the most important Indonesian citizens of women have the value of universal beauty standards on clean white skin. Somehow and where the standard of beauty is only directed at women with white skin. It will, however, be one of the beneficial effects of skin bleaching products. Not only that, keywords for searching for skin whitening methods are also constantly flooded with searches for tourists in cyberspace.

With the increasing willingness of consumers to override the skin whitening method, this is what makes skin bleaching products on the market very in demand. Skin bleaching products are also very diverse, ranging from facial creams, body lotions, emulsions, serums and moreover to supplements and bleaching drugs. Because the level of will and desire is so great that consumers sometimes do not care about overcoming the danger caused by the methods they take foremost that use procedures with chemicals. The opposite is when you use natural ingredients to whiten your skin, you want to tell a different story because materials that come from nature are certainly very guaranteed and do not want to share the unfavorable effects for the health of our skin, although the process can be said to be far more time consuming but the results given are very satisfying and healthy for our bodies. Acne free here. Do you want to share data on how to whiten skin naturally, comfortably and healthily for health, how is the trick? Come follow the data below!

The method of whitening skin naturally

The following summarizes the data overriding the natural skin whitening method

1. Sengkang

The initial method of whitening skin is to use natural ingredients is yam, it is true that yam is a universal material used to whiten the skin and is also often used as a basis for body lotion or lotion bleaching. The contents of vit B and C contained in yam are very meaningful for whitening and protecting the skin so that it is always clean and healthy. Vit C in yam also helps trigger the process of regeneration of skin cells so that dead skin cells are replaced with new skin cells. So, highly recommended by Free Acne for you who want to whiten the skin with yam because of its extraordinary properties, the following methods of whitening the skin with yam:

Take 1-2 yam (as needed), after that, peel the skin and wash the yam.
After that, we can grate it and squeeze it using water.
Take advantage of the yam juice for your body scrub mask.
You can also combine with yam grater that can be used as a scrub.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is a natural material that has a lot of minerals and vit that are useful for protecting the freshness of the skin which can make the skin cleaner and brighter. Cucumbers themselves can also limit the process of pigmentation on the skin and can also eliminate your panda eyes. The following method of whitening the skin with cucumber is quite easy and flash to try:

Prepare 1-2 cucumbers (as needed) that have been cleaned.
After that the cucumber blender without using water to form a kind of gel.
After that rub the cucumber gel on all bodies.
Allow about 30 minutes.
After that wash with clean water while you shower.

3. Rice water

When you want to cook rice, you naturally want to wash the rice first. That is where you can use the remaining rice washing water to whiten the skin. Rice water has ferulic acid and allantoin which is useful for protecting and whitening our skin. The following method is to whiten the skin with rice water:

When washing rice, don’t throw away the rice washing water.
Take the rice water and place it in a clean container and allow the rice water to settle.
Use these rice water deposits for natural scrubs throughout your body.

4. Olive oil

The method of whitening skin naturally and lightning for the fourth procedure is to use olive oil. The contents of linoleic acid found in olive oil are beneficial for protecting the water balancer in our skin. Not only that, but olive oil also has great antioxidants that are pronounced with polyphenols, which have the purpose of protecting our skin cells from destruction. The following methods whiten body skin with olive oil

7. Potatoes

Potatoes are natural ingredients that have minerals that can be utilized like natural antibiotic drugs that have the benefit of slowing down the aging process on the skin and helping to strengthen the process of skin regeneration. The antioxidant content in potatoes can eliminate and hide the remaining injury. Potatoes are a natural ingredient that is very efficient in whitening skin naturally, here’s the trick:

Fluffy boiled potatoes that have been boiled.
After that combine 2 tablespoons of milk and stir until thoroughly a kind of pasta.
The third session is the application to the body, is by applying the potato paste to all bodies.
Allow 30 minutes.
Rinse using clean water or running water.

8. Milk

In our skin, there is collagen which acts to protect the skin so that it is always supple and does not contract. Milk has vitamin D content that is useful for increasing the creation of collagen in our bodies and vit B6 from milk also plays a role to maintain and protect our skin so that it is always healthy and moist. The following methods whiten the skin with milk:

Combine the first 1 cup of milk with 4 tablespoons of pure honey.
Stir the 2 ingredients thoroughly.
Apply the combination like a scrub all over your body.
Let stand for 30 minutes.
Rinse with clean water or take a shower.

9. Yogurt

Like you already know, yogurt is the processed product of milk. Therefore, yogurt certainly has zinc and calcium. Calcium here functions as the prevention of dry skin and loss of body fluids. Instead, zinc is useful for overcoming skin problems. You also fill in the vit B environment that is beneficial for making your skin healthy and making skin glow. The following methods whiten the skin with yogurt:

Prepare fresh yogurt with no taste with the amount that suits your needs.
After that, apply yogurt like a body scrub on your body.
Let stand for 30 minutes.
After that, rinse using clean water or can also be washed with a shower.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice with a million properties and is very easy to find in our country. Turmeric itself is an herbal ingredient that contains curcumin which is useful for neutralizing free radicals. Turmeric is one of the herbs that can whiten the skin naturally and lightning for you to use. The following methods whiten skin with turmeric:

Prepare milk cream, turmeric powder, and a little water first.
Mix all three ingredients until they form a paste.
After that, apply the paste on all bodies.
Allow 15 minutes.
Rinse with warm water

11. Egg White

Egg white has a large categorized protein content. To use this content is to help the process of re-regenerating the skin so that dead skin cells are exfoliated and replaced by new, healthier skin cells. Although it has a fishy odor, many Japanese or Korean women use egg whites like tools for the method of whitening the skin of the hands and face naturally.

Separate whites and egg yolks first
You beat the egg white until it becomes foamy
You can also increase honey and lime so that the fishy smell can be disguised
Apply to the skin thoroughly and allow 30 minutes
Rinse with warm water
Live this procedure regularly after bathing

12. Lemon

Lemon is one type of orange that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Not only that, it also has alpha hydroxy acid which is useful for preventing free radicals found in our skin. The following methods whiten the skin naturally and permanently with lemon:

Prepare 1 lemon in advance and squeeze it
Apply the lemon juice on your skin
Leave it for a few minutes
After that, rinse with clean water while bathing
This procedure can make your skin fresh and blushed because lemons are natural bleaching equipment.

13. White Radish

The white lobe is one of the most popular vegetables in our country. However, you can use white radish-like equipment for the method of whitening the skin. The contents of vit C, vit B environment, zinc, as well as phosphorus in turnips are very necessary to protect the health of our skin. The water content in radishes is quite a lot to make our skin always moist and healthy.

14. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not only delicious to eat but, in fac,t oatmeal also has a lot of antioxidant contents that play a role in protecting our body from unfavorable influences of free radicals which are very detrimental to internal and external health, especially on our skin.

Serve just oatmeal
Make oatmeal porridge
You can also add honey
The oatmeal designation is like a scrub

15. Honey

Honey has a use of Baga