Methods for Eliminating Sand Acne

SKINBEA.COM – Acne is a skin problem that is annoying and very difficult to overcome with just the usual method. Want to look charming radiant is every woman’s dream and dream without the presence of pimples that interfere with appearance. Ththe e emergence of acne certainly had experienced by everyone, but also the type and duration of acne would be different for each each person. One type of acne that often afflicts facial skin is sand pimples, this pimple has a small dimension but its appearance always arrives with a sizable amount. Types of sand pimples have inflammation that is not clearly visible like other zits.

We can distinguish acne from being some types such as Acne, Blackheads, and sand pimples. The characteristics of these sand pimples have a small form similar to a kind of blackheads that usually arise in the nose. However, at the end, there is a white spot and when pressed it will produce a kind of white sand spot. The appearance of sand pimples is generally accompanied by endless itching that is very disturbing for the sufferer. Not only are there side effects that make us more afraid, as a result of the itching, we may unplannedly scratch until we are injured and the impact of the dark spots on our facial skin.

But we don’t need to be afraid of beating sand pimples, we can eliminate these sand pimples by using a variety of natural ingredients that are healthy and telling without worrying about the side effects that are at risk for our body skin. At the bottom of these are some convenient, proven and proven methods for dealing with sand pimples that are once again sweeping and shadowing you.

Methods for Eliminating Sand Acne

The method to eliminate sand pimples can you live with a variety of various methods ranging from natural methods to the medical one. Sorting out using the method of eliminating sand pimples can also be adjusted to the triggers of sand pimples that you are experiencing.

1. Tomato

Rich tomatoes want to contain vitamin E and good potassium to maintain our skin. Not only is it able to get rid of pimples, you know, but tomatoes are also able to brighten your dirty skin naturally. still not sure? just prove it yourself !!!

Method of use:
Rinse the tomatoes first.
After that split into 2 parts.
Apply the tomato halves to the zit zones.
Let stand for about half an hour until it is really absorbing.
Next you c, an rinse it using warm water.

2. Egg White

Egg whites have been widely used for carrying out facial skin care. The large protein content of the egg can secrete excess oil on the face, thereby reducing the appearance of sand pimples.

Method of utilization:
Prepare one native chicken egg.
After that separate the egg whites and egg yolks.
After that beat the egg whites until they become foam which expands.
After that, you can apply egg whites that have become foam to the face with acne.
Let stand for about 15-20 minutes to absorb.
After that, at you can rinse it using warm water.

3. Cucumbers

This is one easy alternative to eliminate sand pimples for those of you who are not solid with the fishy smell of egg whites. Do not be afraid to overwrite the usefulness, because the efficacy of these 2 natural ingredients is very good for removing sand pimples. Not only can eliminate acne s butand, cucumbers are also useful for refreshing and tightening our skin bec use the contents of active substances such as vit C, minerals, antioxidants, water, and amino acids.

Method of consumption:
Slice the cucumber into a thin portion.
After that, you can stick the cucumber slices in the zone where the zit is popped.
Allow about 20-30 minutes.
Af,ter that you can rinse it using warm water until clean.

4. Lemon and Rose Water

It has been a long time since these 2 natural ingredients have been believed by most Indonesians to be able to deal with acne on the face. Whether it’s sand pimples or other types of zits.

This matter is also supported by the existence of scientific description of the contents of acidic compounds or citric acid in lime which is good for transporting dead skin cells that trigger acne. Conversely rose water is known to have an anti-inflammatory character that can reduce redness and can treat acne.

Method of use:
Combine lime juice with rose water in a ratio of 1: 1.
After that, apply on the part of the face that is sticking out zits thoroughly.
So that the process of removing sand pimples using lemon and rose water is more leverage, let stand for approximately 30 minutes,s.
After that you can rinse it using cold water.
Live this treatment regularly for the next 7 days after each shower to get optimal results.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Have you ever heard of tea plant oil? Tea plant oil is an alternative ingredient that can help you reduce skin inflammation and eliminate sand pimples but.

Not only that, tea plant oil also has a compound called Benzoyl Peroxide which is useful for reducing the creation of acne-inducing germs.

Method of utilization:
Serve the best quality tea plant oils first.
After that, make sure your faces are clean.
After that, apply tea plant oil thoroughly on the part of your skin that is sticking out of sand pimples.
Let stand for approximately 30 minutes so that tea plant oil absorbs in the pores of our facial skin.
After that, rinse with warm water until completely clean.

6. Green tea

Not only tea plants can eliminate sand pimples and other pimples. Green tea is also capable of getting rid of sand pimples efficiently and easily. The large antioxidant content is needed by the skin to eliminate acne.

Based on existing research, green tea can also limit the so-called absorption of androgens in the skin and reduce the creation of excess oil on our facial skin. Because this is also what makes green tea can cope with acne and blackheads that can close the pores of the skin.

The method of its use:

If you have green tea powder, you can carry out the following steps:
Make a paste by combining 1 spoonful of powder and 1 spoonful of water.
Stir until thoroughly like a paste, then apply the paste on the face area of blackheads like a mask.
Massage your face gently exploring the direction of turning 2-3 minutes.
After that, rinse with warm water and dry.
If you only have green tea bags, you can carry out the following steps:
Soak the green tea first in hot water for 5-10 minutes.
After that dip, the cotton in a green tea solution and apply it thoroughly on the face.
When using tea bags, you can soak the tea bags for 3-5 minutes.
Drain the tea bag and rub it on your face gently.