Picosecond Laser Freckle removal – Tattoo Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

www.Skinbea.comBest Info Skin Beauty Treatment. Hello skinbea friend, this time we will discuss Picosecond Laser Freckle removal – Tattoo Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. Picosecond Laser is a part of very short pulses which is around ten tenths of a second which produces a fairly large pressure which serves to destroy melanin so that it can become part of small particles. The results of melanin destruction can later be more easily absorbed by the body so that over time it will disappear.

This Picosecond Laser machine uses laser technology. The specifications of this picosecond engine have wavelengths ranging from 532 meters to meters, 1064 meters to meters, 755 meters to meters and 1320 nano meters. Has an indicator light using infrared technology around 650 nano meters. For teganggan, it ranges from 1000 watts and has a voltage of 220v. The picosecond laser machine has a 2 system cooling system, namely a wind cooling system and an air conditioning system. Has a frequency of about 1 to 10 Hz, with a spot diameter of about 2 to 10 mm.

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This Picosecond Laser machine has functions:
Overcome stubborn acne, eliminate wrinkles and spots that interfere with the skin area. Can remove burn marks. Can remove tattoos with various colors and also to whiten skin to look brighter and more beautiful.
The advantage of this Picosecond Laser Red Machine is that it uses the technology of Honeycomb Focused which is useful to protect the skin from damage while doing maintenance. This machine is very good at overcoming the removal of tattoos and pigments on the skin. Because this machine can remove all types of skin pigments. This machine is able to eliminate melanin quickly. For the operating system using a picosecond laser machine is very easy, has provided a variety of buttons depending on its function. In addition this machine also has a large energy, so it is durable and durable. It has a large water reservoir, so the cooling system can run optimally and no need to worry anymore when we operate it.

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