Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

What is a laser?

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is “passionate emission and amplified light.” Therefore, the laser is an enlarged treatment and physical process. In laser light, all the photons are connected to one another, and their frequency (or wavelength) does not change, the phase does not change, the direction of polarization is the same, and the direction of propagation is the same.

Background and objectives of Picosecond Laser:

Selective removal of tattoos and cutaneous skin pigmented lesions with laser power evolves with lightning with the development of the Q-switched (ns-laser) nanosecond domain. Recently, however, a series of domain-picosecond (ps-laser) lasers with pulse widths of less than 1 ns have been commercially available, allowing for more effective and enhanced pigmented lesions in the field of dermatological laser surgery.

The principle of care is the Picosecond laser feature

Melamine laser removal uses practical power from the laser and when the laser is used working on melamine and melamine will explode in a very short time. After that, some pigments are about to be broken into small pieces and removed by the human body. Some of these include being eaten by macrophages and eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Advantages of the Picosecond laser feature:

1. Innovatively designed maintenance head: Adopting large technology from the picosecond honeycomb laser head to create an array fraction lens care tip, can emit a hexagonal array per shot, distributing light treatment for full faces.

2. Ceramic cavity reflector: Portable Pico laser machine uses a large-quality ceramic cavity reflector, efficiently protecting the handle from burning, reducing failure rates, increasing life time.

3. 1. 500. 000 Legal shots: Using British imported laser lights with large legal photos, longer working hours and more customer care, small investment but high returns

4. Cost-effective: The dimensions of a portable pico laser machine are much smaller than a reasonable picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, so they can be moved lightly and save some large shipping price.

5. Imported high-quality spare parts: Fans imported from Japan, water pumps and cars imported from Taiwan, Red Copper Radiators are assembled into a sturdy cooling system that allows heavy equipment to work long hours continuously.

6. Self-test system: The voice self-test system has been installed in a portable pico laser machine, this can give you an understanding of the machine’s problems intelligently, so you can disassemble the problem more easily.

Use the Picosecond laser feature

Endogenous melamine: patches, patches of aging, brown moles, coffee spots (characteristic of children), etc .; Exogenous melamine: removes tattoos, eyebrows, eyeliner, lip lines; Honeycomb head: whiten, rejuvenate, reduce fine lines, dilute chloasma, dark face doll (soft skin laser)

Clinical status of the Number Picosecond laser feature. 1

Frost white: red, swollen, hot, sore, and micro-bleeding after surgery is a natural skin response. Immediately after surgery, can be applied cold or use aseptic revised medical products;

Surgery: The head of treatment is 1- 2 centimeters away from the skin, and the sound of the detonation is clear.

From surgery close to far, if freezing weather is not reached, energy and distance can be adjusted correctly; continues to be large distances, continues to be sturdy blasting strength, and the best blasting point is 4- 5cm.

Left and right, if the skin does not answer the best blasting point, increase surgical power.

Clinical status of the Number Picosecond laser feature. 2

Reddish skin: Red, swollen, hot, sore, fair skin response after surgery, cold compress quickly after surgery or the use of aseptic medical revision products power. If conditions are not achieved, energy and distance can be adjusted correctly.