Picosecond Laser to Remove Tattoos and Eyeliner

SKINBEA.COM – The picosecond laser is a Nd Yag laser machine for sterilizing eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liners and tattoos, washing areas and birthmarks. This can efficiently cure exogenous pigmentation and endogenous pigmentation lesions from combination pigmentation, and justifies a longer service life for use. Can be widely used in hospitals, clinics, upper-class beauty salons, etc.

Product Features Picosecond Laser to Remove Tattoos and Eyeliner:

1. Using UK imported laser light, the lens reaches up to 1500,000, long working time, more customers, less investment and large returns.
2. The high-tech picosecond laser honeycomb head is used to make an array lens that is sliced to process the tip of a thorn, and one hexagonal array point is emitted all at once to process all faces with lightning.
3. The handle adopts a high quality ceramic cavity reflector, which can protect the handle well and greatly improve its service life.
4. Small size, easy to move, save delivery costs and increase comfort.
5. Using a variety of high-quality trinkets listed Japanese imported fans, Taiwan imported water pumps and Red Copper Radiators, with strong performance.
6. We guarantee that it does not interfere with normal tissue and stay away from residual injuries when producing melamine, so as to achieve maximum safety.

The contraindications to pre surgery feature the Picosecond Laser to Remove Tattoos and Eyeliner

Period of infectious activity
Severity of 3 populations is high
Body of the remaining wound
The latest exposure
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Herpes simplex
Has carried out t photoelectric or micro-finishing treatment in the past month.