Tattoo Removal Machine Picosecond Pen Laser NeatCell

Tattoo Removal Machine Picosecond Pen Laser NeatCell – Product description

Name: Tattoo Removal Machine Picosecond Pen Laser NeatCell – Tattoo Removal Machine

Brand: Neatcell

Size: 19×3.5×3.5 cm

Picosecond laser neat cell pen is a tattoo removal machine and black bleach on the face. Neatcell is now in 2018 is in demand in the market. Why? because the price is quite economical and good function to make our face and skin avoid black spots.

Professional Laser Picosecond Pen has several features we need to know before buying this tattoo removal tattoo removal pen product.

The fast and powerful laser speed makes this picosecond pen work out to remove black stains and dark spots on the skin very quickly.
The laser pulses on the picosecond pen are wide and short, making them safe to use on the skin and have no meaningful effect.

A function of Picosecond Neatcell Pen Laser – Tattoo removal Machine is for:

Removes black spots and dark spots on the skin (can be skinned face or dikulit our body)
Removing tattoo permanently (each treatment will be done several times, depending on the type of tattoo on the skin and the level of difficulty of treatment itself.This tattoo removal treatment should be done by professionals or experts who have experienced and can operate this laser pen picosecond device.
Removes acne blemishes on the face.
Cleaning makeup and makeup eyebrows.
Troubleshooting acne.

How to use this neat cell laser picosecond pen:

Before using this picosecond pen tool should be coated with anesthesia first.
After doing treatment with this laser Pen tattoo removal machine, the skin should be coated with plaster for skin that has been done treatment protected from infection and bacteria.
In the operation of this neo cell laser pen picosecond, it is best to use the lowest level first, then proceed to the level appropriate to the patient’s skin treatment.
Keep in mind for blue has 9 frequency levels, while for red has 3 levels of frequency.

The advantages of Neatcell Picosecond Pen Tattoo Removal are:

Efficient (The laser beam produced from this neat cell pen is very effective in dealing with black stain problems on the skin to make it a smooth particle and gradually disappears).
Effective (A very powerful laser will not hurt the skin).
Fast (Black spots and dark spots on the face will be quickly erased).
Safe (In using the neat cell pen this will not cause damage to the skin tissue, so it is very safe to do but should be done by someone who has experience in using this tool).
Comprehensive (Removes black spots from within safely).

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