These Are the Causes of Distended Stomach in Men and Women. Evidently … | Urgent! This Is the Causes of Distended Stomach in Men and Women – Having a distended stomach is a problem for most people. How not, a distended stomach will make our appearance less than optimal, the motion becomes limited, even funny. Especially for adolescent women, having a distended stomach could be thought to be pregnant, even though not pregnant. Wow, you sure are ashamed. Hmm …

Also, the distended abdomen is a sign of health problems in our bodies. Research has even been done that people who suffer strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes are mostly due to suffering from a distended stomach that is getting worse. Therefore, it needs special attention if you start to have signs of bulging belly.

What causes a distended stomach?
To reduce the distended stomach in men and women to avoid various health problems, it is very important to know the various factors that cause belly fat. So what are the causes of the distended stomach in men and women? Let us discuss this.

1. Lazy to exercise
One of the factors causing a distended stomach in men and women is less or rarely do physical activity or sports. Though physical activity such as sports can be said to be very important so that the process of burning fat and calories the body runs optimally. Fat accumulation will occur if you are lazy to exercise, especially in the abdomen that will increasingly bulge. For young women, it could be thought to be pregnant if the distended abdomen is getting worse. Not so, increase physical activity and do regular exercise every day.

2. Like snacking
Unhealthy eating patterns such as frequent snacking can increase the risk of experiencing a distended stomach. Therefore, try to do restrictions on your snacking. Take just enough snacks, immediately away from the container so you do not want to take it again and again. Choose healthy snacks, avoid foods that cause bloated stomachs like snacks that are too sweet and contain artificial sweeteners.

3. Eat before bed
Activities to eat at night you should leave, especially at bedtime. Eating before bed will accelerate you have a distended stomach especially if the food you consume contains excess sugar. Immediately leave these unhealthy habits. If you want to eat at least give a break of 2 hours before bedtime. Eating before bed will increase fat deposits in the stomach very quickly so that your stomach becomes distended

4. Lack of sleep
If eating habits at night is a strong factor causing a distended stomach, like staying up late and lack of sleep is also very influential. So that the stomach does not bulge, try to get enough sleep. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep a day. You should also avoid sleeping at certain hours, for example in the morning and evening before sunset.
Enough sleep will make cortisol hormone levels always under normal conditions. The cortisol hormone or the stress control hormone is what makes the stomach distended. This stress hormone will cause the digestion of food to become less perfect if you lack sleep.

5. Alcoholic drinks
Alcohol consumption is the cause of a distended stomach. Alcohol has a very high sugar and calorie content which will make the needs in the body excessive. Furthermore, it will accumulate and be stored in the stomach which causes the stomach to swell and sag. If you are happy to consume alcoholic beverages, you should avoid starting now. Consumption of alcohol in addition to causing a distended abdomen is also not very good for health.

6. Like smoking
The cause of a distended stomach in men one of them because they like to smoke, even though in reality many women also smoke. Based on research from the University of Glasgow, scientists found that smoking can indeed suppress appetite so that someone’s weight can be reduced. But not for the stomach, smoking habits can increase the risk of bulging stomach.

7. Stay away from fast food and drinks
Fast food generally contains a lot of trans fat and high calories so that it can increase the risk of obesity. Therefore, try as much as possible to reduce or even leave the consumption of fast food and drinks.
Fast food and drinks are indeed practical, but behind that too often consumption is also not good because in addition to the risk of obesity can also increase other health problems, such as nerve disorders, respiratory problems, and fertility disorders. Foods and drinks that cause a distended stomach also contain preservatives.

8. Sweet food
Sweet foods are always attractive to eat, but increasing body weight will be much faster. Sugary foods also include factors that cause a distended stomach.

Why is that?
Sweet foods and drinks will make carbohydrate intake in the body increase many times. Especially consumed at bedtime, it tends to be stored in fatty tissue under the skin, especially in the abdomen. So that the stomach does not bulge, you should avoid foods that are too sweet.
Alternatives if you want to make sweet foods can replace the use of sugar and milk with honey.
These are the factors causing distended stomachs in men and women that you can learn and practice. It may be useful.