This Is How To Get Rid Of Black Spots On The Face With Moringa Leaves

how to remove black spots in the face with moringa leaves

SKINBEA.COM – Here’s How to Eliminate Black Spots on the Face with Moringa Leaves. In addition to being able to cure various diseases, Moringa leaves have other benefits, namely in the world of beauty. This is because it is rich in nutritional content, as said by Practitioner Usadha Bali, Dewa Agung Made Suryawan, who is familiarly called Jung Mustache.

Juang Mustache mentions Moringa leaves contain bekhasiat compounds that make it appropriate as a “super food” food.

As for facial beauty, Moringa leaves can be used to eliminate black spots on the face. The easiest way is to take a few fresh moringa leaves which are crushed or blended until smooth and then used as a mask. Very simple isn’t it? No need to mix with other ingredients other than a little mineral water.

How to get rid of black spots on the face with Moringa leaves

The efficacy of Moringa leaves to remove black spots on the face is due to the antioxidant content that is quite high. The content can reach 113 Mg per 100 grams in the dried Moringa leaves.

To maximize the efficacy of the moringa leaves, it is strongly recommended to use it when the moringa leaves are dry, or already in powder form. This is because the water content in Moringa leaves has been reduced so that the antioxidants contained higher. In its use as a mask, Moringa leaf powder can be dissolved first with a little clean water or can also be dissolved in rose water.

Besides being able to get rid of black spots on the face, another benefit of moringa leaves is to streamline the body. This is because the fiber content found in moringa leaves is also very high. For slimming bod,y Moringa leaves are only enough to consume. In the process of slimming the body, Moringa leaves will launch the function of digestion and cleanse the digestive tract.

That is the benefit of Moringa leaves. Hopefull,y this article is useful.