Triggers for the emergence of acne on the face and methods to prevent it

SKINBEA.COM – Who of us is not irritated when his face is overgrown with zits? In the world of medicine, acne has a scientific name that is pronounced with acne vulgaris, is a protrusion that sticks out of the skin due to pore blockage or inflammation that is entwined in the skin and accompanied by pus and blood. There are so many aspects that trigger acne, here are some data overriding the main aspects that trigger acne on your face that can disturb your appearance

Get to know the following acne triggers

1. Acne Triggers Due to Hormonal Substitution in the Body

Acne can arise and hit anyone, but there are major triggers of acne often associated with hormone replacement during puberty. Therefore like that, the age of a young child is a period where acne can develop productively on a person’s face. when the hormone replacement process is intertwined in the body, automatically there will be an increase in the activity of oil-producing glands or sebum located on the hair follicles found on the skin.

The creation of oil or sebum that is intertwined on the facial skin will increase, and when combined with dirt and dead skin cells, the skin pores will become blocked. Clogged pores and oil content on the skin that is very much on the surface of the skin makes the germ Propionibacterium Acne or P. acne want to grow faster. Instead of acne-triggering bacteria also frees a substance that can stimulate the skin whose effects, our skin becomes red and swollen. Not only that it also wants to bring pus behind the swollen skin.

These hormonal changes can also cause thickening in the composition in the hair follicles which can close the pores of our skin. Blockage in the pores caused by the thickening of the hair follicle will not disappear, even though it has been cleaned optimally with any cleanser.

2. Acne Triggers For Generation / Genetic Aspects

Stubborn zits on our skin can also be caused due to generational or genetic aspects. If both of our parents have pimples, so there might be a big problem if you also want to have problems with acne. You can also convince him easily, try checking your family history. You can immediately ask your parents whether they were young or young people with acne or not.

If your parents had problems with acne, so it is not surprising that you have problems with acne because acne can also be caused by aspects of generation.

3. Lack of Sleep

A person who has fewer hours of sleep can indirectly cause acne. The lack of sleep alone can increase inflammatory cytokines which have an impact on the tendency for inflammation to form on our skin. Not only it, but lack of sleep can also cause an increase in insulin content so that the body is fatigued for producing insulin in large quantities. This can lead to the creation of blackheads that have an impact on acne.

The lack of sleep can only share due to acne. For the European Heart Journal, if someone who faces sleep deprivation 48% wants to risk coronary heart disease in 7 to 25 years and within the same period can cause a rush of the stroke to death by 15%.

Because of that, it takes a considerable amount of time to support body health. For people aged at least need time to sleep for 8 hours to be able to restore the state of his body. This metabolic process of our body works when we sleep which wants to share energy when we wake up.

4. Acne Triggers Due to Menstrual Cycles and Pregnancy

Acne also can not only arise because of puberty and genetic aspects. but acne can also arise due to menstrual cycles or during pregnancy. Menstrual cycles and pregnancy can cause hormonal changes in the body which can be the main cause of acne.

5. Eating large meals

It could be that among us there are still many who think that food is not a trigger aspect of acne, while the food itself can be a trigger for acne from the body listed on the skin and body hormones.

Indonesian people who like to consume foods that have fat and also large carbohydrates want to make the sebum producing glands work harder. Some foods that can stimulate acne such as fried food, lightning fast food, fried food, fat from cows, chickens and goats, offal, cheese, milk, and chocolate. So, start to sort out and sort out foods that are suitable to protect your skin from acne.

6. Depressed or stressed

The pressure of the mind is a problem that is often felt by every reasonable person who lives in this world. Not only from the group of parents and also aged, but the pressure of mind can also hit young people and children who are still in school. Stress or stress can cause the glands to produce hormones because they receive adverse reactions.

The gland itself is used by the body to create aspects of puberty and this also wants to face obstacles because of the pressure of the mind. Now this is what makes mind pressure a factor or trigger for acne.

7. Use of Cosmetics

Consumption of excessive cosmetics can also be a trigger for acne. There are a variety of different cooking products that are uncomfortable because they have a combination of risky chemicals in them. After that the skin shares a mismatch or negative response. These chemicals are at risk for the skin which is absorbed by the skin and then becomes a blockage in the gland. And the conclusion came a pimple on our facial skin.

8. Exposure to Dirty Eve

People who are often or often get dirty air are listed from cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke and especially industrial air waste can also be a trigger for severe acne. This matter is also influenced by the level of excess oil creation so that the dirt contained in the air adheres to the skin and closes the pores of our skin.

9. Effects of Medication

Acne can also stick out due to consuming drugs that enter our bodies. For example, various types of drugs that have contents such as steroids, prednisone, Orasone, bromide, iodide and other ingredients. Medications that also have anticonvulsant substances such as lithium and Lithobid can also cause acne on our skin.

Like that some of the main aspects of the triggers of acne that can arise on our skin. Hopefully, the data befall the cause of acne can be your inspiration in protecting the skin because avoiding it is easier than cure. There is a little beauty guide from Acne Free. Word overrides the efficient method of avoiding acne below

Efficient Method to Avoid Acne Naturally

Acne itself is one skin disease that is often complained of by all people, especially those who are women. The cause of acne can certainly interfere with the appearance and beauty of our skin. Well, so that you are not annoyed and hate anymore, you can carry out deterrence efforts for the appearance of pimples that must be known and tried properly. Consumption of natural ingredients in the prevention of acne would be very better than using beauty products that have many chemicals that are unknown to us.

Here is an efficient method of avoiding acne by using natural ingredients.

1. Rinse Facial Skin Regularly

As we already know that dirt and dead skin cells can be a blockage of the skin pores that are an aspect of the triggers of acne. Therefore like that, so that our skin is free from acne problems, facial skin hygiene is a matter of meaning that must be protected in an orderly manner. Here are some methods for protecting facial skin hygiene:

Rinse your face regularly, especially after you travel and wear cosmetics.

Do not very often hold facial skin with your hands.

Also wear a face mask when you drive or carry out work in a place that is full of dirt, dust, and pollution.

It may be that the steps above can be considered trivial but this is very efficient for those of you who want to avoid acne from appearing on our facial skin.

2. Use Cosmetic Products that Appropriate to the State of the Skin

The second method of avoiding the skin from triggering zits is to use cosmetic products that are suitable for the condition and needs of our body skin. Use cosmetics as a whole and don’t go too far because it can stimulate acne on our skin.

To recognize overwrite cosmetics that are by the state of our skin, it helps you immediately carry out consultations with a beauty doctor and dermatologist. It also needs to be observed if the use of cosmetic products can cause irritation and allergies to the skin, it must be done quickly.

Not only that, quickly rinse the remnants of cosmetics on your facial skin after wearing them. This matter aims to avoid the appearance of acne because the rest of the cosmetics left on the skin can close our skin pores.

3. Skin Care with a Natural Mask

The level of excess oil or sebum on the skin of the face can be one of the triggers of acne on our faces. we can also avoid acne by carrying out facial skin care such as wearing face masks made from natural ingredients.

Lemon or lime can also be used as a natural facial skin care mask. The benefits of a natural mask that can reduce the excess oil content on our faces. Other natural ingredients such as egg whites mixed with honey, or aloe vera as well as facial masks are also efficient for avoiding acne. Not only are these natural ingredients efficient in tackling acne, but they can also whiten your face.

4. Increase fruit consumption

Many fruits are listed in good nutrition for the health of our skin. Eating fruits can also help us to brighten the skin and protect skin elasticity. Some of the fruits that could be your reference are among the bananas, as well as all fruits that have vit C.

Exercising in an orderly manner can help your skin always be healthy and tight. Coupled with the consumption of water that is tolerable, so that maybe a small pimple will appear on the surface of the skin because both of these methods can avoid acne.

Some data overwrite the triggers of acne and tips to avoid acne. However, if you already have problems with acne, you can quickly overcome them by following the steps of the method to eliminate acne right below. Hopefully, this data is useful and does not remember your experience sharing on nursing in this opinion column!

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