Beauty Equipment that Must Be Regularly Cleaned Dont Forget It

SKINBEA.COM – Not only does it pay attention to coincide with the expiration of a beauty product, but there are also some things that need to be tried to protect the condition of the skin and hair to be free from cases. One of them is by sorting out beauty tools that are improper to be used. The reason, beauty equipment also has a ‘retirement time’ which you need to stop consuming it in exchange for new products. Then, when and what are the types of beauty tools that should be exchanged regularly? Follow here to find out more details!

Beauty Equipment that Must Be Regularly Cleaned Dont Forget It


Like the hairdresser equipment that is used every day, of course, we need to be actively sterilizing the comb regularly. However, it takes quickly to change it if the comb has entered retirement which is filled with the presence of broken teeth, the pads are starting to fall off, and so forth. Using a comb in an improper condition can certainly cause hair to be easily broken and many strands involved in the serration comb. As the solution can carry out a replacement comb every 6 months to once a year.

Cleansing Brush

Protect facial hygiene must be very meaningful, especially if you want to look frizzy and acne-free face. Not only sterilizing the face with facial wash, but you can also optimize the ritual of sterilizing the face with the encouragement of a cleansing brush. Equipment in the form of soft scrub is believed to be able to sterilize facial skin better than just using a facial wash. Well, if you like to use the equipment on this one, make sure to not less remember to protect the hygiene.

Not only sterilize rubbing hair 2-3 times in a week using antibacterial liquid but don’t also remember to change the cleansing brush if the consumption has reached more than 3 months old. Many Cleansing Brush products are one of the interesting cleansing brush suggestions to try. Not only is the cost affordable, but the quality of the brush bristles is also soft and efficient in transporting dirt from the surface of the face.

Eyelash Curler

Is Fimela’s friend listed as someone who likes the look of thick and curved eyelashes? If yes, this beauty tool can not be missed. Although at first glance it looks strong, eyelash curler always needs to be exchanged, you know! If you use it almost every day, at least a pad or silicone pad can be exchanged every 3 months. However, after 6 months, the eyelash curler does not want to play a natural role and needs to be exchanged for a new one.

Makeup Brush

As with the cleansing brush, makeup brushes can be used for up to 3 years. But, of course, with a note, you always need to clean it regularly 2 to 3 times a week. As good as any makeup brush you have, over time the performance is about to shrink, so you need to change it. If the hair on the makeup brush has fallen out, the results of the application have not been optimal or there are spots that cannot be removed, it may be time for you to change with a new brush.

Makeup sponges

Love to apply makeup with the urge of a makeup sponge? If so, would you know if this ‘retirement’ beauty tool is categorized as short? If you feel that the sponge is still suitable for use because it is actively cleaning, you can use the sponge for the next 2 to 2 months. But, if more than 4 months, you should quickly change the sponge because the use is no longer optimal. Not only that, it does not change the sponge for a long time also allows the sponge to become a den of germs and fungi that can cause irritation and acne on the skin.

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