Hello, best friend skinbea.com – Blog about beauty machines and the world of beauty and beauty tips that can change you in finding the latest information. This time we will discuss how to remove wrinkles on the forehead easily at home. Wrinkles on the forehead can indeed occur if our age is getting old, but that’s not all that can cause wrinkles on the face especially in the forehead area, many other factors that can also cause the appearance of lines wrinkles on the forehead.

Several factors cause wrinkles on the forehead

The factor that can cause wrinkles on the forehead is the age factor. The older we are, then the production of collagen in our skin will decrease, causing our skin to become wrinkled. In addition, often the skin of our face exposed to sunlight can also cause wrinkles on the forehead. For those of you who like to frown or cranky should be a concern? Often we frown, then the facial skin will cause a frown line on the forehead. In addition, air pollution can also cause wrinkles on the forehead. Cigarette smoke, motor vehicle fumes and cars, and other air pollution can cause our facial skin to dry out.

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles in a simple and natural way

Although considered a reasonable effect on skin problems, but wrinkles on the face will cause us to become insecure. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to naturally remove wrinkles on the forehead that are safe for treatment. Here’s how to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

Facial Massage

This is a simple method, easy to do at home and certainly can be done by everyone. Do not underestimate the facial massage treatment to remove wrinkles on the forehead. The wrinkled lines on the face will be camouflaged by doing massage on the face area, especially on the forehead. Perform facial massage for ten minutes and do it regularly in a few weeks to see after and before facial treatment with massage. Try doing at least five treatments a day for as long as a minute. The way to treat facial massage to remove wrinkles on the face is by pressing the face area, wrinkling the forehead using the fingertips vertically, horizontally, circularly and doing it together with both hands.

Forehead Gymnastics

You can try this one method to remove wrinkles on the face forehead. You do this by placing both hands on the side of the forehead and the position of the fingertips facing each other. Do the eyebrow movements up and hold for five seconds. Do it repeatedly about five times. Easy isn’t it? this way you can do it anywhere.

Expand Drinking Water

It turns out if we often drink water then the skin’s elasticity will be better and the risks that cause facial skin to become wrinkled will decrease.


With sleep you do at least six to eight hours per day, it will encourage optimal production of the HGH hormone. This HGH hormone is useful in increasing the elasticity of the skin so that we can prevent premature aging. Get enough sleep, because if we lack sleep, are busy with work activities, it will cause acceleration of the premature aging process.

Relieve stress

People whose lives are always depressed and who think negatively will cause our feelings to become unbalanced, causing a decrease in the skin’s ability to protect the skin from free radicals. How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead by eliminating the stress that you can do is by doing fun activities, such as shopping, watching, or even singing.

Thus the article on how to remove wrinkles on the forehead easily at home. Hopefully, it will be useful for all of us. Maintain a diet and do exercise and adequate rest is the best and easiest way we can do at home to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead.


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