How to Use Hifu 3 in 1 for Tightening Facial Skin

SKINBEAA hifu machine is a beauty machine that has ultrasound technology that focuses the target at specific skin points that serves to make the skin tighter and look younger. This facial skin tightening machine has a great power to function to stimulate skin collagen so that fat on the skin can be reduced and gradually cause a tight effect for the skin that is experiencing slack.

How to Use Hifu 3 in 1 for Tightening Facial Skin
How to Use Hifu 3 in 1 for Tightening Facial Skin

How long is the hifu treatment to tighten facial skin?

Hifu care is becoming a worldwide trend. At the beginning of 2020, beauty clinics in the World will definitely promote hifu treatment. Each treatment process using a HIFU machine usually requires a time that is not too long compared to other beauty treatments. You only need about an hour to do facial skin care with a hifu machine.

The hifu machine produces a heat effect that functions in forming collagen in the skin. Results This heat effect is followed by ultrasound waves that can penetrate the deep skin layers.

Benefits of HIFU machine for skin care

With a hifu machine, facial care in terms of overcoming skin problems can be overcome. Here are some functions of hifu machines for beauty treatment
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Make skin tighter
  • The skin becomes more elastic and supple
  • The treatment process is safe, does not cause significant side effects
  • With hifu can look like a face
  • Can eliminate wrinkles on the face, especially in the chin, eyes, neck, abdomen and arms without the need for surgery.
Benefits of HIFU machine for skin care

How to use the 3 in 1 Hifu machine for tightening facial skin

  • In using this hifu machine there are several stages that we need to know about. Quite simple and careful.
  • Clean the area of ​​the skin that will be carried out the process of treatment
  • Image of the area of ​​the skin that will be treated hifu
  • Apply the ultrasound gel to the area of ​​the skin to be treated
  • Perform hifu care in the area specified earlier. Do it until the results can be immediately seen.
  • Clean the skin after the hifu treatment process is complete.

Hifu care for the face

hifu for this face has three hifu cartridges that have their own functions. The HIFU 1.5 cartridge will penetrate the skin layer to a depth of 1.5mm. Usually used for the action of the upper dermis cheeks and under the eyes. The power energy used is set from 0.1J to 0.3J.

The hifu 3.0 cartridge size can make up for a layer of skin to a depth of 3.0mm. Used for lower deris cheeks, chin and neck. The power setting used is between 0.3J to 0.5J.
Hifu cartridge size 4.5 is able to penetrate the skin layer to a depth of 4.5mm which is usually used for SMAS action on the cheeks, chin and neck. For the green settings we set the power between 0.5J and 1.2J.

Hifu care for the body

Commonly used in body treatments using hifu is size 8.0 which is able to penetrate deeper skin to a depth of 8.0 mm. Can be used for the treatment of arms, thighs and stomach. We set the power between 0.8J to 1.2J. Whereas if we use a 13.0 hifu cartridge in the hifu treatment for the body we set the power between 1J and 1.5J. This second hifu cartridge is capable of penetrating skin depths of up to 4.5 mm.

Hifu for vaginal care

In performing vaginal treatments using hifu, the cartridges used are different in skin care. The vaginal hifu cartridge is shaped like a stick that can rotate. The size is 4.5. This hifu vaginal cartridge produces direct energy that goes to the SMAS which will produce thermal coagulation and make the SMAS tighter and lifted. In addition, the muscle structure in Misv will be corrected and give the effect of elasticity and tightening.

How to use vaginal hifu

Clean the vagina first with betadine vaginal dots
then measure the size of the vaginal opening with a pump V gauge and save the size.
coat the vaginal cartridge slowly into the V hole and shoot automatically by clicking the auto button.
after that click ready & start, let stand until it rotates 360 degrees.
pull the vaginal hifu cartridge handle out of the V hole to the length of the cartridge and fire again until it’s finished.
re-measure with a measuring pump V then save and compare it with before the treatment of miss v with vaginal hifu.
do repetition treatment once every month or 30 days so that the results are maximum and permanent.
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