How to Use the Picosecond Laser Machine Gold Standing

SKINBEA.COM –¬† this time, we will share about how to use the picosecond laser machine gold standing. This beauty machine is usually used in beauty clinics in the world that serves to remove black pigment or black spots on the skin, besides that this machine also works for facial rejuvenation skin treatment. In this gold picosecond laser machine has two different sized headpieces, namely 532nm and 1064nm. For the 532nm gold picosecond laser headpiece, it is usually used to remove light-colored tattoos. Whereas the 1064nm headpiece type is used to remove blackheads and can be used to tighten skin and skin rejuvenation.

Then how do you use the picosecond laser machine gold standing?

In using this gold standing laser pico machine, we are required to fill water in this machine by filling the water with a funnel and hose that is already in the pico laser machine package until the water comes out again from the pico laser machine. This indicates that the overflow is full. Then connect the power cable to the power source. Don’t forget to turn on the emergency button and wait for the engine to turn on. Then press the start button on the pico laser machine control screen.

To use it, when you have entered the initial menu on this picosecond laser machine, please press the headpiece size menu that is listed on the pico laser machine’s menu screen. Then you just need to set the parameters for the treatment process (in this menu you can adjust the energy, frequency, and diameter). Energy is the power of the shoot when the laser machine is released. Frequency is the rate of shoot speed, while the diameter is the width of the shooting area on the skin. In addition to the above menu, there is a pulse count menu that functions to brighten and dim the screen. There is also an engine temperature menu for which there is a button icon on-off.

After the treatment parameters are set, please press the ready button. To fire the laser, step on the laser pedal with the foot, then the Pico laser machine will fire the laser. Note yes, when doing this laser treatment, try the patient to not move or reduce body movement during the treatment process. It aims to avoid failures during treatment.
Who can do beauty treatment with this picosecond laser machine gold standing?

For pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use this pico laser gold machine for laser treatment. In addition, people who have internal medicine are also not allowed to use picosecond laser treatment. Menstruating women and minors are also not permitted to use this machine for laser beauty treatments.
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