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This time Skinbea will discuss the portable beauty machine, namely Mini RF Thermage Wireless for Skin Tightening. What we know is RF Radio Frequency, so the working system of this RF machine is with non-surgical treatments that emit electromagnetic fields through this machine which will then be sent to the surface of the skin so that blood circulation will be smooth and skin metabolism will be faster.

This Mini RF Thermage Tightening Machine has a size of about 120 x 120 x 65 mm, and weighs around 0.2 kg, is quite light huh? This machine is assisted by an adapter to power this mini RF machine. the adapter power is 5 volts with 800ma. This Mini RF Thermage has infrared light and electromagnetic waves that can be used for skin care. You can use this Mini RF Thermage easily, there are many video tutorials that discuss about this mini rf machine, please visit our official channel too, at BEAUTY CHANNEL IND.

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Benefits of Mini RF Thermage Wireless
To benefit the RF thermage machine is to tighten the skin, speed up the metabolic system of the skin, blood circulation becomes smoother, able to accelerate the regeneration of collagen, brighten the skin and many other benefits to the skin for this RF machine.

Thus our discussion this time about Mini RF Thermage Wireless for Skin Tightening. Hopefully it is useful and always visit the skinbea blog and also follow the youtube channel and Facebook Fanspage. Thanks.

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