Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

Hello, our discussion this time is about Ndyaglaser hair removal machine. Discuss about laser machines that aim to remove or remove unwanted hair on the skin. The machine that we are going to speak is 8 in 1 and multifunction laser. From the name we can already define that this machine has eight functions. Okay, before entering deeper, we will discuss one by one first.

Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine 8 In 1
This machine weighs sixty-five kilograms, with dimensions of sixty-five cm long, forty-eight cm wide, and a height of one hundred fifteen cm. Has a screen with a size of eight inc that has TFT LCD. For the cooling system using a water cooling system and TEC. And this 8 in 1 laser hair removal machine is a combination of IPL, EPL, RF, Nd Yag Laser.

Nd Yag Laser 8 in 1 function
This laser machine has several main functions, which are to permanently remove hair, overcome acne, to rejuvenate the skin, remove tattoos, tighten the skin, lose weight, remove wrinkles. Apart from these functions, this machine has a quality laser machine that is multi-functional, safe and easy to operate. By permanently removing the hair using this laser machine, we will not feel sick. The results can immediately be seen after we do a hair removal treatment with this laser machine.

This Ndyaglaser hair removal product is made in China, for more details about this permanent laser hair removal machine, please visit the alibaba website and chat directly with this machine supplier. Hopefully useful about discussing this laser hair removal. I hope this helps. Greetings beautiful.

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