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This time we will explore Dr. Pen A1 vs. Dr. Pen A6, what are the differences between the two dermapens and what are the similarities of the dermapen?

Dermapen function Dr. Pen A1 and Dr. Pen A6

For the functions of the two Dermapens are the same, to be more specific we detailed:
1. Removing scars due to acne or surgical operations
2. Able to get rid of acne scars
3. Can overcome the problem of hair loss
4. For anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments
5. To do BB glow treatment or facial bleaching
6. For hyperpigmentation treatment

Based on the above functions, the two types of dr pen or dermapen have in common, but for the matter of engine specifications have differences, the following specifications of the two dermapen

Specifications of pen A1

For this dermapen A1 model, there are two types, namely charger and wireless, which have five adjustable speeds. For engine speed can reach 4,800 RPM. The body material is made of titanium or stainless steel. The adapter used has a size of 5v 1,000 mA.

Specifications Dr Pen A6

Dermapen A6 is already wireless. This means it already has a battery that can be refilled. The speed of the needle can reach 200 times / second, the speed level can be adjusted to 5 levels. It has two spare batteries which can last up to eight hours, the body material is the same as Dr. A1, which is stainless steel. The weight of this pen a6 wireless reaches 400gr.

Types and functions of needles Dr. Pen A1 and Dr. Pen A6

For the type of dermapen needle A1 and A6 usually have a characteristic color, namely blue. But the jarumn size is different. For the size of dermapen needle 1 pin, 3 pin, 5 pin and 7 pin are usually used to perform PMS treatment, removing eyebrow embroidery, removing eyebrows, for facial and lip treatment. For these types of dermapen needles when applied during treatment it usually causes pain, but it is only temporary.
For this type of nano, 3D and 5D dermapen needles will not harm the skin, painless and safer if used. Usually used for skin rejuvenation treatment and BB glow treatment.

Dermapen A1 and A6 are in demand in the market, because they are simple and small, making it easy for beauty doctors to treat them. Another advantage of dermapen is that there are no bruises or discoloration on the skin. Can be used on all skin types. But it should be noted, if we do this dermapen treatment, try the needle only used once to avoid skin infections, do not ever use a dermapen needle that has been used on other people’s skin for treatment.
Thus the article about Dr. Pen A1 vs Dr. Pen A6, hopefully useful, share this article on your social media. Don’t forget to visit our blog to get updated articles about the world of beauty machines and other beauty tips.
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