Now, the best face lotion for men appears to claim that it can work better and faster than others type in this field. To taking care of the skin is not something common for men. Most of them are only using facial foam to clean and make their face brighten up. They do not get used to have skin care routine. It is because some of them consider skin care is just too much or too complicated to do for them.

It is obvious that most of us have tried once taking skin care in our life. For most of us, we do know the skin care routine also. However, on the other hand, not all of us know the righteous steps to do so. And if it comes to more products we use, the more steps we will have. So, to make it clearer to make face gets healthier, let’s jump to these proper stages.

Cleansing Steps

1.     Cleanser

It is a must to get face skin clean. It is best to have it washed with clear water first for several turns. Then take the cleanser gel or facial foam to get rid the dirt on the face after long resting night.

2.     Toner

After having the cleanser step, take your toner to stimulate the skin pores to open or be ready to receive serum. By having the toner, the following skin care routines will work on its best.

Prevention and Protection Best Face Lotion For Men

1.     Serum

With the clean skin and get ready after the toner, now it is the time for the serum. Serum itself has a function to maximize the skin healthiness or to work as prevention for our skin. There is several types of serum to overcome your personal skin problems, such as:

–       For anti – aging

–       For brightening

–       For clearing blackhead and whitehead

–       For fixing the texture

–       Etc

2.     Eye cream

It is uncommon knowledge if you are new in the skin care routine users. But since the under-eye area has more very sensitive part than the other areas, the eye cream is created to protect it more specifically. The under eye has the common problem like puffy eyes and dark circle. They are most hated skin care problem that people have. And in addition, the under-eye part is very thin skin. Do not use the day or night cream for the under eye. It will irritate it somehow.

3.     Day or Night Cream

For the last step, you should put a protection to your skin. In the morning, the day cream is important to guard your skin from UV light and sunburn. It is better to take this one for men. Or it has different type called best face lotion for men.

Those five steps are the most urged to have if you want whole complete skin care protection for your face. It is not too much because in every step above, you are supposed to take only light amount of it.



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