Mistakes When Wearing Skincare You Could Do

SKINBEA.COM – There are times when you may become aware that your skincare routine is not working optimally on your skin. Well, who knows? In fact, you carry out some mistakes that should be avoided in wearing skincare. So, what should not be tried?

Mistakes that you could live when wearing skincare

Do you feel your skin is always pimpled, while wearing skin care products? Or, it could be that your skin even faces redness and irritation after wearing a certain series of products. It could be that you are indeed not in accordance with the skincare product, or you have an error when implementing certain methods.

The following are the mistakes that you might have had when you were wearing skincare.

1. Wash your face very often

Some people may think that if you continue to wash your face often, until it continues to be small, you may experience zits. Apparently, it is very often washing your face listed errors using skincare that is often tried by many people.

Washing your face very often can actually worsen the condition of your skin, especially if your skin is getting acne.

Launching the Verywell Health page, this is due to the fact that your skin is running out of the natural oils needed to keep your skin moisturized. The result, the skin becomes very dry, reddish, especially peeling.

So, you should not wash your face more than 2 times a day. Sterilize your face in the morning and evening has been enough to eliminate dust and dirt that stick.

2. Sorting products that do not match the skin type

Continue to be the number of skincare products available at this time, sometimes it is tempting for you to buy and try it. But, wait a minute. Do you believe you have sorted out products that match your skin type?

Don’t because the skincare product has been reviewed by popular beauty vlogger, or is on the rise in social media, you immediately buy it regardless of whether the product is suitable for your skin condition.

For example, if you have dry and sensitive skin, stay away from washing your face with so much foam. Do not also buy products because they are interested in the contents of aloe vera in it while in fact your skin is allergic to these ingredients.

3. Doses of skincare very much

Another mistake that could be a chance you live when wearing skincare is to use the product in a dose or dose that is very much.

It could be that you think, continues to be used a lot, continues to be also many properties that your skin can get.

This matter is not even recommended by doctors. Vivian Shi, a dermatologist at the University of Arizona. The following is a dose of skincare products recommended by doctors. Shi, matches the type of product:

Peanut size: face lotion, facial moisturizer (moisturizer), as well as hand or foot cream

The size of grapes: face soap, toner, mask, and body lotion

The size of rice: eye cream and serum

4. Exfoliate the skin excessively

Exfoliating the skin is generally tried to eliminate dead skin cells, so the skin looks brighter and healthier. However, you must be on guard, especially if you use a scrub type exfoliator.

Make sure you don’t brush your face for very long or hard. Carrying it out is very hard, even risking injuring the skin and blood vessels underneath.

Not only that, exfoliating the skin very often also listed errors when wearing skincare that is often found. This issue can actually cause irritation, redness, especially inflammation of the skin.

Ideally, you will be able to carry out this process 1-2 times a week. What is not less significant, rub your skin gently and for a long time.

5. Layering or mixing 2 products incorrectly

Another mistake that you may not base when wearing skincare is mixing 2 products with conflicting active ingredients.

You can use serum with the active ingredient retinoid and combine it with serum vitamin C.

In fact, both ingredients can actually cause overexfoliation, so the skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight.

Active ingredients that you should not mix in skincare are:

Retinoids and AHA BHA

Retinoids and vit C

Benzoyl peroxide and vit C

Benzoyl peroxide and retinol

Mixing lots of skin care with acid contents (glycolic and salicylic acid, glycolic and lactic acid, and others).


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