Download Software Magic Mirror Facial Skin Analyzer – Enchantment Mirror Facial Skin Analyzer is the world’s most exceptional skin test machine, named as “Skin CT”. Through the imaging innovation of RGB and UV, skin analyzer can precisely distinguish both epidermis and dermis issue, for example, epidermis skin spot amount, thickness, Pore amount, thickness, wrinkle and skin harshness and in addition profound skin pigmentation, skin break out, dampness state. And additionally precisely identify and dissect the harm of skin caused by terrible quality beautifiers, UV light or sun. It is a compelling and essential colleague for magnificence salon, skin facility and ideal device for beauty care products organizations.

Skin Mirror is an expert face skin investigation gadget, it embraces RGB and UV light sources, through otherworldly imaging innovation to enable us to distinguish both skin surface and profound issues including pigmentation, wrinkle, pore, skin break out, dampness, affectability and so on. – Skin mirror can identify absolutely 9 skin issues including surface issues: Spot like spot, skin inflammation marks, pigmented nevus, huge pores; Wrinkles; Skin Unpleasantness and in addition profound skin issues like Hyper-pigmentation; shut skin inflammation; dampness state; skin affectability and skin properties.

Use of skin analyzer

1. Skin Anomalies: Skin abnormalities that show up on the surface of the skin – spots, noticeable sun harm, vessels or vascular aggravation.

2. Wrinkles: An aftereffect of the maturing procedure and are most regular around the eyes and mouth. Utilize Age Safeguard line and Remarkable Eye Cream to help collagen and elastin creation.

3. Surface: High and low purposes of the skin. blue focuses demonstrate skin spaces; the yellow regions are raised focuses.

4. Pores: Little openings scattered all through the skin. Utilize Gel Chemicals and Peels to limit appearance.

5. UV Spots: Sun harm and spots at first glance and in the profound layers of the skin.

6. Skin Stains: Skin stains including shadowing under the eyes, moles, hyperpigmentation and general tone.

7. Vascular Zones: Redness caused by broken vessels, aggravation, or the fallout of breakouts.

8. P-Microbes and Oil: Porphyrins (regular microscopic organisms on the skin) that can wind up affected in the pores and can cause breakouts.Use Clear Skin Chemical and Clear Skin Illuminating Cushions to limit P-Microorganisms and battle breakouts.

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