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So being slim is indeed a dream for many people. Many people struggle to gain a (normal) perfect body weight on a strict diet. Moreover, there are also people who always have the desire to lower their body weight even though their body weight has entered the normal type.

Body weight is natural, is it okay to always follow a diet program

Body weight is natural is it okay to always follow a diet program
Body weight is natural is it okay to always follow a diet program

Generally, this matter is associated with people who are not satisfied with their body shape and want their body to be slimmer. Is it healthy to always stick to a diet even though you have a reasonable body weight?

Is my body weight reasonable?

Perfect body weight can be recognized easily from the body mass index (BMI) or in English it is pronounced body mass index (BMI). You can calculate BMI with the following formula:

From these results, consider the following types of body weight.

Less body weight: & lt; 18, 5

Fair weight: 18, 5– 24, 9

Excess body weight: 25– 29, 9

Overweight: ≥ 30

Willing, however, the IMT does not distribute ratings evenly. For example, because there is no calculation of the percentage of fat, there is no consideration of gender, age, waist dimensions, physical activity, and not considering ethnic aspects.

If I have a reasonable body weight, can I still continue to diet?

As has been described above, the perfect BMI is up to the limit of 18.5. In general, you can still be considered fair before crossing that limit. However, when your BMI crosses this limit, you are listed as underweight.

Kind of like when you are overweight, underweight can also cause various health problems. Mainly in people who carry out an inappropriate diet program. What are some of the health constraints that accompany people who are underweight?

Malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, or anemia

As you may already know, the human body needs various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to carry out various activities and body metabolism. If you carry out a diet program until your body is very thin, you can lack the nutrients your body needs.

This causes your body to not carry out the process properly and can actually create various health problems. For example, if you don’t eat meat, you can become deficient in iron and protein. You are about to run out of body strength because muscles are broken down into energy and have a shrinkage of metabolic skills due to a lack of iron.

Lack of iron can cause anemia. Not only that, you want to feel energized for the whole day and always feel weak.


If you are deficient in vitamin D and calcium, your body will take what it needs from your bones. As you know, bones have calcium. If the calcium reserves in the bones are continuously taken, until the bones will become porous and you are at risk of facing osteoporosis.

Body energy weakens

When your body weight rests on a reasonable basis, there are constraints on your body’s defense system. In other words, you will be more susceptible to disease.

Increase the risk of postoperative complications

People with a reasonable body weight are also more prone to face complications after surgery than those who have a normal body weight.

Not fertile

For you women, the menstrual agenda will be choked up, especially when you are very thin. This shows that the process of creating your eggs is choked up and can cause infertility.

Men who are very thin have also been tested to be less productive because the quality and production of their sperm cells are about to stagnate. Therefore, both men and women should always focus on maintaining a reasonable body weight.

Developmental and development constraints

These constraints are most common in children and young people. Young people really need nutrients for the development and growth of their organs.

Lack of nutrients will hamper their development and growth. Therefore, basically over-dieting is not recommended for young people.

Instead of continuing to diet, it’s better to exercise to form an ideal body

If your body wants to look more attractive, continuing to lower your body weight is not the right step. It’s a good idea to do sports or exercise. With exercise, you can burn fat in your body.

The thing is, the percentage of fat on the body also affects your body appearance. Not only that, with exercise, you can also tone the muscles that make you look fit. For example, with sit-ups to tighten your abdominal muscles, squats to tighten your thighs and buttocks, push-ups to tighten your chest, and so on.


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