Weight Lose Machine for Salon with Sensible Value Cryo 40k Cavitation RF Body Thinning Machine

Skinbea.com – Ice control gathering of “solidified fat” “negative weight + light cutting” three intense innovation all in all, profound subcutaneous fat cells, in the phone vibration and deliver gap impact, this reverberation will make fat cell fabricating Innumerable fine vacuum bubbles with the goal that the air pockets will keep on hitting each other, so the phone film inside and outside the positive and negative weight uneven, when the point of confinement to the phone layer, it will create impacting, finish deterioration and liquefy fat, while decreasing orange peel fat.

Rule: Fat solidifying negative weight + blue light + cavitation + radio recurrence

Cooling framework: Air cooling + water cooling + semiconductor refrigeration

Power: 1500w

Temperature: – 10 ° C to 4 ° C

Cavitation recurrence: 40KHZ

RF recurrence: 5MHZ

Touch screen: 8.4-inch shading touch screen

Power supply: 200-240V Air conditioning/50Hz 100-120V Air conditioning/60Hz

Measure: 63 * 57 * 127cm

Weight: 50KG

Application: Misfortune weight, body forming lifting, skin tightening. Assemble S-formed body

Focal points: four out of one, twofold in the meantime or work independently

Three center advancements Cryo 40k Cavitation RF Body Thinning Machine

Solidified fat Weight Lose Machine for Salon:

Utilizing non-intrusive treatment, exact conveyance of “solidified” to the muscle versus fat aggregation position, directed to dispose of unshakable fat cells. By the Assembled States Boston Massachusetts General Healing facility, the Unified States Harvard College Institute of Solution dermatology authority look into taking note of that adipocytes than the encompassing different associations are more vulnerable to the effect of solidifying, fat cells at 4 ° C cementing, disintegration, and fat cells close To alternate cells will kick the bucket at zero, which can securely dispose of fat cells, while not harming the skin and adipocytes encompassing tissue.

With negative weight + light + radio recurrence three overall, the muscle to fat ratio versatile position and step by step process, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish “fat exchange” form body lines, to imitate the ideal body.



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