Clean and Clear Moisturizer is one of the skin care products mostly recommended to treat various skin problems. Being produced in Canada by Johnson and Johnson, this product has spread to all over the world and been used by a lot of people. Get to know more about this product and how it can work well for your skin.

Description of the Product

Clean and Clear Moisturizer is skin care product especially created for treating and preventing future acne might appear on your face. Unlike the other similar products available out there that might cause dryness on your skin, this moisturizer from Johnson and Johnson will make it keeps soft and smooth. This product is really suitable for various types of skin include oily, normal and combination skin. It contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid that can serve as moisturizer lotion to help you eliminate acne and keep your skin healthy as well as keep it from dryness. Being produced from light ingredients, this product is really safe for your skin for daily use and oil free. So, this product is really effective for eliminating the existence of acnes in your face as well as prevents them to appear again in the future.

How to Use the Product

To use the product, there are some simple steps you have to follow.

1.             First of all, you have to make sure that you cleanse your skin face thoroughly before you start to use the product.

2.             Apply the product to the entire affected areas on your face with a slight layer each time. You are highly recommended to do it three times a day to get optimum results.

3.             Make sure that you only begin the treatment with a single application only every day. This is because excessive drying might occur on your face if you conduct more frequent applications than the ones suggested. You may gradually increase the use of the product under your doctor’s prescription.

4.             You are suggested to lower the frequency of the product usage if there are some problems occur on your skin face such as peeling or dryness.

Safety Warning of the Product

To conduct safe usage of the Clean and Clear Moisturizer, there are some safety warnings you should know well.

1.             Just keep in mind that this product is for external use only.

2.             Manage to avoid any contact with eyes when you are using the product since it can cause irritation to them. If you accidentally make contact between your eyes and the product, find some water soon and then flush them.

3.             Just remember to not apply the product along with the other acne treatment products since it can lead you skin to get dry and irritate. Arrange to make appointment with your dermatologist soon if you notice any skin problem because of the combination of those different acne treatment products.

4.             Last but not least, keep this product away from children’s reach. Find professional help soon if the product is swallowed by the children since it can poison them.


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