If you read this article, you have heard the hype of Korean skin care. However, there are so many masks, essence and serums so it’s hard try to find out where to look when you want something new. However, there are many people who know best about Korean beauty, there are beauty vloggers and bloggers who create catalogue for new products and review them over the years as well. So, you can try to find out Best Korean Skin Care Products below.

SanDaWha Revitalizing Liposome Lotion

There are so many people have review this Revitalizing Liposome Lotion. This is light emulation that you can combine with heavier cream for your dry skin. It penetrates in your skin quickly and has amazing ingredients line up from 40 natural oils and extracts as well. It comes in 130 ml size and the sturdy glass bottle, even its price is affordable as well. One bottle can be lasted around four to five months.

CNP Laboratory Propolis of Energy Ampule

Propolis is the resin which been created by hive upkeep and this is also work great on your skin as the antibiotic, moisturizer and antifungal as well. CNP combines propolis with several humectetans in order to create the golden skin syrup which is so effective and leave you with great effects. You can use a drop or two drops from the 15 ml bottle. If you want to get glowy effect like K-POP stars, then you are able to drop into your facial cream as well. CNP is also one of the top brands in Korea which actually does science-y skincare.

The Sulwahso Ginseng Fortifying Serum

There are many people said that this is the best ginseng product that you should try. This serum will do something amazing for your overall skin. You can fade way the creases while you are using this product regularly. So, you can use this product at least once daily all over your face, neck and upper chest as well.

Aloe BHA Skin Toner Benton

This skin toner contains of salicylic acid which been used to fight off acne or pimples, and this product does not dry out of your skin. You can use this toner with cotton puff, after cleansing any remaining dirt in your face, while you are cleansing your face as well. This product is really hydrate and does not cause any bad effect in your skin because there are many toners used to have a stinging effect after use it.

Clean it Zero Cleanser

You will love this cleanser to not only remove your make up but also clean all your pores. You might produce much sebum around your nose and you can spot some darkening from it being oxidized as well. Then the balm leaves you with great job by melting won all of the dirt and oil on the pores and keep your pores stay clean as well. No surprise that this product is one of the Best Korean Skin Care Products that you should try if you have many problems with your pores.


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