How to Use Hifu 3 in 1 for Tightening Facial Skin – 2 Out of 1 Changeless IPL laser hair evacuation machine

E Light Specialized parameter: IPL+ Bipolar RF+ Water cycle refrigeration

E light vitality : 10-50J/cm2 (IPL) 10-50J/m2 (RF)

E light power: 1600W

IPL light vitality Delicate skin and Skin inflammation: 560-1200nm

Scatter slender vessel and Dissipate spot: 530-1200nm

Hair expulsion: 640-1200nm

RF Yield demonstrate: Bipolar Rf

RF control: ≤50w

RF Band: 500ms-9500ms

IPL spot: 8x40mm

IPL firearm head: 50000 times

IPL Release interim 3-5sContinuous movable, stage 1 second

IPL Heartbeat number: 1-6T

IPL Heartbeat cycle: 1-4S

IPL Heartbeat width 1.0-9.9ms, 0.1ms stage

IPL Heartbeat interim 05-99ms, 5ms stage

Laser applications:

A. 1064 nm: treat exogenous and endogenous shade, treatment of the shading dark, dim darker, cyan,

pale blue-violet, evacuate tattoo. yet additionally can evacuate skin pigmentation, warts, nevus of Ota, nevus etc.

B. 532nm: treat exogenous and endogenous shade, treatment of the shading red, light dark colored, red is

moderately moderate. expel tattoo. yet additionally can expel skin coloration, warts, nevus of Ota, nevus etc.

C. BDLS: shrivel pores, adjust oil emission, fixing to expel almost negligible differences, the treatment of dark

head, skin inflammation, harsh skin, light epidermisblain blain to print.


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Eight applications:

A. Restoration: enhance the brow, confront, arms, mid-region, legs and other unpleasant skin, upgrade skiN flexibility, brightening delicate;

B. Hair expulsion: armpit hair, facial hair, hair, appendages, Swimsuit weave line and so forth influence the excellence of hair;

C. Disperse spot: spots, chloasma, spot, chloasma, sunburn, decrepit plaque dermal patches, pigmentation

also, incomplete pigmentation

D. Skin inflammation evacuating: facial, bear, chest, midsection, rear end and different parts of bacterial skin inflammation

E. Dissipate slender vessel: innate hairlike vessel, narrow vessel after change skin, red face, erythema,

skin hypersensitivities and sensitivities.


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