It is difficult to deal with the best moisturizer for combination skin. For prior knowledge, people with this type of skin have too oily T – zone and too dry for some other face areas. The common suggestion is to use lots of moisturizers. But the worse thing is when you buy wrong moisturizers.

It will not help you overcome the oily parts but make it worse. Some of the moisturizers are too creamy and some others are too lightweight. It is because the combination skin has deal with dry on the cheeks’ areas and greasy on the T – zones. So, you must be very careful in choosing the moisturizer. To make it much clearer to know whether you have combination skin or not, let’s check and see – saw the indications first to make it more balance later on.

The Indications

–               Check in 30 minutes after you wash your face whether some parts of your face will more shiny than other parts or not

–               The pores on the jawline and the cheeks of yours are smaller than the pores on your nose

–               When the hot weather comes, your T – zones (areas around forehead, nose and upper cheeks) will be more oily

–               You will get to see your dry spots and acne breakouts in the same time

Tips to choose the best moisturizer for combination skin

The common temptation to clean this type of skin is to wash away with clear water. If you do that without further consideration, you will end up irritating your skin. What the further effect is more breakouts and greasier oily zones.

So to make it less irritating, you are suggested to spend or invest some money to buy better quality of gentle moisturizers and cleanser.

Skin care routine tips for combination skin

–               Morning and Night Routine

Ø     Cleanser

Choose a gentle cleanser which does not have scrub in it. It is because it will irritate and make more breakouts.

Ø     Toner

Toner is a must for stimulating the skin and opens the pores to be ready to receive the moisturizer. Choose toner which has less alcohol in it.

Ø     Moisturizer

Some of the moisturizer consists of additional or extra ingredients to help solving skin problem such as anti – aging, brightening or fixing texture and many more. One thing to remind you is that you must find a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. This helps to protect your skin from UV light when you are outdoors. You can try to use gel moisturizer which feels more refreshing and they mattify oily areas. And in addition, they don’t make any clog pores.

–               Another treatment to get the best moisturizer for combination skin

Ø     If you have to wear makeup most of the day, you should also purchase a good makeup remover that will not make more irritating for your skin.

Ø     And you can use some exfoliating skin care routine one or twice a week to clear away the acne, open the pores and stimulate the circulation. You can try to use the gel mask, sheet or sleep mask or another exfoliating cream.


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