Myths and Truths about Skin Bleaching

Myths and Truths about Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching creams are currently the prima donna in the beauty industry. How not, many people, especially women, who want white skin to make it look more attractive.

But besides that, there are also false myths about skin bleaching. The following are the myths that you need to know.

Myth 1: It’s comfortable wearing a bleaching cream on a sun base.

Reality: Every time you go out of the house, it is advisable to always apply sunscreen to the skin. Selection of products that provide protection from UVA and UVB rays with a minimum SPF of 15. Not only that, wear other types of protection such as wide-brimmed hats, glasses, umbrellas, or clothes that cover your skin. Bleaching creams that have hydroquinone are not going to be efficient when exposed to sunlight.

Myths and Truths about Skin Bleaching
Myths and Truths about Skin Bleaching

Myth 2: You don’t need to wear sunscreen on cloudy days.

Reality: You could have thought that the aspect that makes your skin black is the hot sun. So that you can easily leave the sunscreen when you go outside when the weather is cloudy, while it is still daytime. In reality, radiation from the sun can still penetrate cloudy weather and hit your skin. The impact is the skin becomes darker.

Some manufacturers also often increase the sun protection factor (SPF) in their cosmetics, such as powder and foundation. However, SPF in cosmetics can actually react when applied to the face 15 times. If only one application of some kind of natural makeup that you live with every day, will not affect the protection of the skin.

So always wear sunscreen, especially between 10am and 16pm, whether it’s hot or cloudy. Repeat use every 2 hours and when you sweat, especially for those of you who work outside the room.

Myth 3: Expensive products are better.

Reality: Not really. Basically, the contents in each bleaching cream are almost the same. Bleaching creams that are sold in supermarkets can be more efficient than skin bleaching creams that are sold in major stores. There are people who wear cheap products or even more simple natural ingredients, but the results are satisfying because their skin matches the product.

But that does not mean that expensive products are not good. Both are equally good. Everything depends on your options. If you can afford an expensive product, why not? Make sure you know what is in the skin bleaching cream you are using and that the cream is suitable for your skin type.

Myth 4: Skin types don’t want to change.

Reality: This myth is untrue. Skin type can change, this is influenced by factors

area, mass, until the change of hormones that are intertwined in a person’s body. Means to regularly protect and monitor skin health to see if there are changes in complexions, spots, or other health problems on the skin. If you feel that you have skin problems, you can immediately ask your doctor.

Myth 5: Hydroquinone is convenient to use. Is it true?

Reality: Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that can limit the creation of pigment or melamine in the skin. The use of this substance can cause side effects in the form of mild irritation such as itching, pain, and redness of the skin. Research on experimental animals has shown that this substance can stimulate cancer, but until now there have been no reports of cancer incidents related to the use of hydroquinone in humans. However, the use of this substance like free skin bleaching has been prohibited and this drug is not registered with the BPOM.

Myth 6: After getting white skin, we can stop using bleaching creams.

Reality: Before you use facial bleaching cream, you should first ask a specialist about the method of use, the risks, the composition.

Myth 7: White is synonymous with charming women.

Reality: So far many have thought that charming women are those who have white skin. This is also supported by some commercials for skin bleaching creams. Know that a person’s beauty is not seen from the complexion alone. Be sure of what you have. That way, beauty will shine itself out.

If you want bleaching products to brighten your skin, it is advisable to ask an expert doctor first and be confused. Your doctor can recommend what skin bleaching products are suitable for your skin type and can bring out the risks and benefits for your health.


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