OPT Machine Safety Instruction Nd Yag Laser

Security and Safety of IPL Machines
Everyone who uses this machine must be eligible to use and maintain this machine safely. Each operator and his assistant should be familiar with the following safety guidelines and ensure that operators and customers remain safe during maintenance.
a) The machine will start the system check automatically after it is on.
b) Use the filter cap/crystal light transfer, IPL just radiate energy from
the front only
c) Independent electrical circuit will automatically stop working if its energy too
d) Notice where emergency switches are easily accessible during emergency situations
e) the ignition key can protect the machine from theft because the machine can not
is turned on without that key

The use of the wrong intensity of light (intensive light) can injure human. This machine can produce high voltage current while working; we recommend for anyone who operates this tool to read these safety instructions before using this machine.

For Operator: It is possible to get intensive light. So make sure you use grade 3 glasses.

For Clients: Ensure the operator is properly trained and qualified and puts the client in an adequate treatment room. It would be better if the client is informed in advance about the theory of care so that they can work together during the treatment. The client is also required to wear a proper blindfold to protect his eyes from burning or burning.

Treatment Room: The nursing room must have a notice of “Using Intensive Light!”

Please make sure you read these warning tips carefully:

a) We are obliged to give warning that this machine has dangerous high voltage. Anyone except the technicians permitted by our Company is not recommended to perform damage service, especially machine parts such as power source, cooling system, optic, and head section etc.

b) Make sure that the machine voltage is the same as your on-site voltage (110V / 220V)

a) Intensive Light is possible to injure your eyes or cause
fire and burn. So we suggest you wear
the right glasses.

b) Customers can feel pain if you use too high energy or
making too many shots in one particular area

c) Do not look directly at an intensive light or laser light though
using protective eye glasses and blindfolds.

d) Do not point the head of the maintenance machine to the air. Navigate to the area
treatment only when using and hanging back on
where it is not being used.

a) Intensive Light is possible to injure your eyes or cause
fire and burn. So we suggest you wear
the right glasses.

b) Customers can feel pain if you use too high energy or
making too many shots in one particular area

c) Do not look directly at an intensive light or laser light though
using protective eye glasses and blindfolds.

d) Do not point the head of the maintenance machine to the air. Navigate to the area
treatment only when using and hanging back on
where it is not being used.

a) Intensive Light is possible to injure your eyes or cause
fire and burn. So we suggest you wear
the right glasses.

b) Customers can feel pain if you use too high energy or
making too many shots in one particular area

c) Do not look directly at an intensive light or laser light though
using protective eye glasses and blindfolds.

d) Do not point the head of the maintenance machine to the air. Navigate to the area
treatment only when using and hanging back on
where it is not being used.

Electrical Safety and Equipment opt machine vision china
a) Keep the entire panel and the machine guard closed

b) There is a high voltage current in the engine even when it is off.
Thus, it is advisable not to open the equipment if it is not needed.

c) Make sure it is not connected when you want to repair the machine.
d) This machine has a weight of 45 Kg which makes it possible to injure someone if it is not transferred properly. So make sure to move it gently and slowly, and with great caution whenever you want to move it.
e) The machine has 3 core design

a) The temperature of the object will increase after absorbing the light energy, do it
measures to reduce the risk of flammability in the treatment area and the
surrounding area.
b) Do not use alcohol, acetone, or other combustible substances. You
can wash client’s skin with clean water or use a little soap if needed

c) If you want to use alcohol as a disinfectant on the head of the machine, wait until the head is completely dry to be harmless to the engine and to yourself.

SYSTEM SAFETY SETTINGS Opt Shr Nd Laser RF Machine 3 in 1
a) Everyone in an action room must know the arrangements
safety and how to use it.
b) The person who does not have the ignition key can not turn on the machine.
c) There is a red indicator light that will turn on when
the machine is turned on.
d) Emergency button: Red button is useful to turn off the machine when
there is an emergency situation that when the button is pressed then the machine will die
instantly. When you want to turn the machine back on, you have to rotate
the button is first to be able to start the engine.

The machine will run an automatic check when it is turned on.Users have to turn the engine on and off 3 times before starting to use.

a) Engine motor protection level: 1 CLASS, BF CLASS

b) Stainless Fluid: General

c) It is not allowed to use this machine in the available space
flammable anesthetics and / or nitrous oxide.

d) Operation mode: Continuous operation

Implementation of OPT SHR RF MACHINE
Notice Before Starting Process:

1. Apply gel to the skin as much as 3-5mm.
2. To protect the eyes, operators and patients shall use special protective goggles or “goggles”
3. When the machine is turned on, rotate slowly to the right to open the emergency switch
4. Put the tool when not in use, the tool must be in standby, set in the user’s display layer

Filter Installation opt out backscatter machines

Built-in filter: Use the appropriate filter, insert it correctly on the socket. Do not put it upside down.

Recommendation: after the treatment is complete, check if there is any water spray attached. If there is, clean it with clean paper or soft tissue. Use a little alcohol anhydrous to clean. The head section of the E-light gun guide is also cleaned in this way.


Press the “Ready” key (green) and the hair removal capacitor will automatically save power. When power storage is complete, press the “Stand by” button (red) to enter in standby mode. After 10 seconds, hair removal treatment can be used.
Press the “work button” button on the work screen that will work according to the parameter settings. When pressing the button “work button” hair removal, hold the system lock system, do not bounce it, and released again. In the treatment process, you can change the treatment parameters. After completion of treatment, use the option of the standby button to exit the program, then close the hair removal program.


 During the implementation of RF treatment, there should be good contact with RF skin electrodes, and use cold gel, Low to high energy RF setting settings should not be taken too long to prevent burning of the skin. In RF therapy in the main, the internal part of the skin (inside) will feel hot, if it also feels tingling, meaning that the gel is given less or have to be adjusted back the plate position.

 RF reaction time may take time, but not too long (recommended between 300-900ms). A short duration of action will not produce any effect, too long duration will burn the skin.

The basic principle of E-light treatment and coverage of its treatment
: acne, acne base: Short lamp / light usage can kill the inside propioni bacterium acnes, and a combination of red light, infra-red and radio frequency use to reduce sebaceous gland activity (“sebaceous gland” & hair) at the same time removes Color Shen, stimulates collagen inside, which will produce a good effect of acne treatment.

Security in combining the use of IPL and RF energy produces effects in different depths. This treatment is independent of just one energy so that its safety is guaranteed in whitening treatment, removes red rash / spots, spots base: IPL technology and a simple combination of IPL and RF technology to present two appliance principles, namely the simple use of IPL technology using hemoglobin and pigment groups in absorbing pyrosis light, so that tissue heating targets do not damage normal skin tissue, especially the underlying skin in reaching the target necrosis network.

Use of the combination of IPL and RF Technology: Skin tissue: the use of selective skin tissue selective absorption caused by impedance differences between the target tissue and normal skin tissue, in low light conditions, strengthening the absorption of the current RF target network, RF relies on to achieve the treatment effect. Security in the care of skin spots, eliminating redness and small bleaching, IPL technology and the use of a simple combination of secure IPL and RF technology, but in the treatment of deep point and rough reddish, simple technology to ensure IPL security premise little effect, while the combination of IPL technology and RF, manifested clinically in clearer safety.

Wrinkle-lift-lifting principle:
The use of a combination of IPL and RF technology, ie e-light IPL with thermal effect of electromagnetic waves and stimulates dermal layers to provide ideal temperature for all dermis and connective tissue, acts to stimulate collagen from different fiber depths, thus achieving wrinkle removal, face lift and non-invasive face lifting effects.
RF safely penetrates the skin of 15mm mainly because it uses the action that arises from the dermal layer of the epidermis that has little influence, especially the energy applied to the target tissue, so security is the high principle of permanent hair removal:
E-light light hair removal is one of the latest hair removal technology: the filtered strong pulsed light is easily absorbed by melanin in hair and hair follicles and converted into heat, heat can make hair shaft and hair follicles heating up rapidly, causing hair breaks when temperatures reach above 60 degrees Celsius, hair follicle degeneration, damage to skin papilla, long term skin cell death, to the end; removes the actual hair / hair, slow the growth of new hair, thins, fades, until finally the new hair does not grow back.
IPL is safe in the use of technology, based on a combination of radio frequency (RF) usage under the influence of a 15mm depth of the energy circle, thus acting directly on hair follicle melanocytes that absorb more energy, so small and light, but even in gold and hair hair white all have a good effect.

Therapeutic Coverage E-light:
1. Removing hair: removes hair permanently, hair
in the body’s vital organs (anagen hair), including lighter, lighter hair.
2. Spots: Eliminate spots, skin burns, age spots, pimples
Indurata, face stain.
3. Rejuvenation: repairing large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles,
restore skin elasticity.
4. Treatment of telangiectasia: redness, redness of the face.
5. Improve dull skin, white skin, uniform color.

Go to Five, Advantage Tool:
1. Short time: The first treatment only takes 20 to 30 minutes.
2. Non-invasive: no trauma to skin tissue
3. Without pain: Without anesthesia, treatment only produces a sensation
light burning effects.
4. No further treatment / additional: No post treatment
action, cosmetic surgery can be done immediately.

5. Without side effects: Does not harm the body or cause chemical reactions
6. Post-treatment stable results: Results are equivalent to ten times more than the results of other methods
7. Security: The E-light system is a combination of high-tech optical treatment and human biological engineering technology, changing the way skin wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, and deep wrinkles in the past with high levels of safety that will not cause pigmentation .

Tool Feature:
1. Safety: E light effectively prevents the side effects of laser or other similar rays that will reduce the great difficulty of the operational action of the tool
2. Manjur: For the majority of clients, immediate results will be more visible, long-term results are more lasting
3. Service: By preventing various side effects, Treatment will be more flexible, and much more comfortable.
4. Equipment: Long-lasting supply, low cost of treatment consumption

Note: To observe the skin condition of the client based on the capacity and status of the skin metabolism as the basis of parameter adjustment, firstly when the treatments, use energy on very light parameters of some suggested instructions to make the client adapt first. The first recommendation of the treatments begins with the transfer of energies ranging from 10 to 2-3 from the appropriate addition and subtraction. The recommended electrical energy is adjusted starting from 15 to the beginning, you can do this twice. Secondly, you and your client can communicate to your clients to increase their mental readiness to increase energy from operations as well. And tell me about the good post-operative care.

Treatment References OPT Hair Removal Machine:
Hair Removal:
One treatment, 28 days / time 4-6 times, 2-3 times to give a big treatment effect on thick hair. for soft hair 3: 5 times (legs: 1.5 hours, arms: 1.5 hours, armpits: 30 minutes)

Symptoms: Effects Redness: Auto off Rejuvenation in a week: do three weeks / times 4-6 times, 2-3 times have a significant effect (face: 30 minutes).
Symptoms: The effect of redness: the skin
Preparation of tapered pores: deep cleansing, exfoliation, acne, blackheads Acne, Acne: 1-2 courses for three weeks / times 4-6 times 2-3 times will produce significant effects symptoms: redness (cold spray, use ice)

Before surgery: give cream deep cleansing cream: 1-2 program (for melasma / chloasma is done twice) 4-6 3-4 weeks Signs: after the colored point starts to enter the inner layer, red will become lighter brightness, point the color will be vague in the last week to become whole.

Treatment after surgery:
1. Sunscreen, with high moisture content
2. If there are blisters such as blisters, try not to get water
3. For redness complaints, try to make the skin temperature is low, can with cold spray, ice, etc ..
4. Eat foods that are photosensitive, such as leeks, celery, soy sauce, and papaya.
5. During the treatment is also very important not to consume drugs or products that contain the hormone freezing hair.

Prohibited Using
1. Avoid storage, makeup and skin care products that contain acid / acid, use a mild skin care formulation.
2. Do not use the scrub after extraction, alcohol, anti-perspirant. Avoid pouring hot water into the treatment area.
3. After the revocation process, bathe with warm water.
4. Do not do grilled sauna, steam bath.
5. To avoid infection, do not swim in the pool or on the beach.
6. Do not wear tight pants or stockings to keep the treated area constantly dry and air circulation guaranteed.
7. Do not drink alcohol after treatment.

1. Attention to the sun: within one month after the treatmen, patients should use SPF15 sunscreen, umbrellas and caps that can prevent direct sunlight, as well as other good sun protection measures. Because sun exposure can increase the rate of melanin regeneration that will result in hyperpigmentation.
2. Make-up: do not use regular make-up immediately after the treatments, in order for the treatment effect more clearly. A few days afterwards may use make up derived from non-chemical and non-silty natural materials (fatty materials). If there is redness in the treatment area, immediately notify the doctor and stop using makeup. Consumption of Vitamin C and Vitamin E orally. Generally, after treatment, scars such as redness, date spots, age spots and will essentially disappear, while the skin will become smooth, shiny and elastic.

given the personal physical differences, an individual client can also feel temporary discomfort, small blisters, pigmentation, red rashes, bruises. Topical ice recommendation after 30 minutes, five days after treatment before use of makeup.

Treatment Range:
Rejuvenation: fixing the forehead, face, arms, abdomen, legs, and complaints
other rough skin, shrink pores, improve skin elcasticity,
smooth and whiten.
● Tighten: eye bag, dark circle treatment. Get rid of legs
crow, neckline, reduce wrinkles and shallow fine lines, \
improve toned skin, restores firm skin, returns
soft elasticity, adjust color.
● Hair Removal: underarm hair, beard, feather on limbs, line
bikini, and other hair that affect the appearance.
● Spots: bitnik-spots, chloasma, sunburn, black dots effect
aging, liver spots, dermal spot, birthmark and some pigmentation.
● Wrinkles: removes deep wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles, face, forehead,
neck, waist, hips, legs and other wrinkles.
● Acne: on the face, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, and other parts
of acne bacterial infections.
● Acne Extermination: acne scars, various types of acne,
acne allergies, acne scars, acne pits, rosacea.
● Eliminating red skin stains: reddish flakiness, exfoliation
redness, red face, erythema, skin allergies and sensitivity.
● Skin repair: repair dry skin, oily, aging, texture,
colors and problems integrated on other skins.
● Tighten the plastic back, tighten the waist, form the type of foot

Operating Tips:
1. In the treatment of freckle treatments, if the customer feels tingling (within reasonable limits), a slight skin rash takes place about 10 minutes before disappearing (when 30 minutes or more is within reasonable limits)
2. Treatment overcome the liver spot / age spot is the most difficult skin beauty so that the maintenance cycle is relatively longer. OPT excludes skin version of liver spots spot / age spot. the best way to deal with it is by oxygen injection therapy that will be 4-6 times more influential.
3. After the blood vessel is clear red, the best purple color, make sure no reaction, redness in general heal after 4 times
4. Large pores, blackheads, pimples, acne generally consist of strong oil secretions and improper cleaning. OPT 2-3 after the occurrence of dark head lubrication, about seven days later
5. When doing hair removal, armpit hair and hairline (forehead especially) will feel a little tickle tingling with a slight burning sensation. A 3-to-4-year outage removal will cause a slight tingling feeling and result in gross results associated with three hair growth cycles (growth-maturation-break), only in the course of the growth will this action be effective and efficient, so hair removal must be performed 3 -4 times.
6. Sensitive skin, dark skin complexion, and 24-48 hours after the skin tends to delay the reaction not because it is not clear but rather a reaction to increase energy.
7. At each treatment is set from spot one to another spot of three light spots that are pressed sequentially.
8. In the heavier and darker skin pigmentation sections, adjust the time and / or energy parameters, when forehead or mouth care, parameters and energy should be reduced again.
9. In each stage of care, keep in touch with the patient to be able to know the exact energy adjustment.
10. Treatment is completed by giving a cold gel that covers the entire surface of the skin for 20-30 minutes. If it is not comfortable, the gel can be cleaned immediately.


Theory of Care

Eliminate spots, remove tattoos: Specific laser wavelengths will affect the melanin of the epidermis and dermis. The pigment will begin to swell and burst into small particles after absorbing the high energy of the laser. One part of them will be shot out of the body, while the other part will be phased out by metabolism.

Tighten the skin, contracting large pores: Spreading a certain smooth carbon to the face, which once it enters the pores, then shoots energy that easily bursts the carbon particles to break the spots and cut the epidermis. In the next process, heat will stimulate the regrowth of collagen to tighten the skin and shrink the pores.


Removes tattoos, removes leftover eyebrow removal, eye line cleaning, age spots, birthmarks, etc.


Convenient treatment method, without risk of scarring or injury. This machine is a comfortable laser treatment without side effects, does not require recovery time so that users can move as usual.

Steps in using OPT SHR Laser RF Machine 3 in 1:
Step 1: 5-10 minutes of spray steam on the face; anesthesia when necessary
Step 2: Previous RF treatments do not produce explosions of toner-
Purpose of thermal effect: Heating at the beginning of treatment aims to stimulate dermal collagen, to thin skin pigment
Step 3:: Cover the face using a thick thick layer of carbon
Step 4:: Remove excess carbon using a toned dyed dry gauze cloth
Step 5:: Perform laser scanning 2-3 times – toner particles blasting –

Purpose: stimulates collagen back, particles blasting toner, which will shatter the impurities and epidermal rada keratinocytes; will result in the transfer of heat energy to the skin layer that will stimulate the rejuvenation and vitality of skin cells, stimulate collagen and improve fiber elasticity, use the body’s healing function, initiate the formation of new collagen, allow for instant wrinkle removal, anti-inflammation, pigment decomposition, pores, textures, repairs and so on, to completely change the quality of the skin.

Step 6: Use of a facial cleansing mask that has a soothing effect with soothing properties.

Step 7: Regular moisturizer contains sunscreen (SPF at least 15)

Installing Cooling RF Machine:
Note that the head contact treatment with the handle position where there is hot white oil (silicone oil) Do not clean, this is for conduction, heating effect.

Maintenance OPT Nd Yag Laser Machine 3 IN 1
Preventive measure
1) Do not excessively suppress the LCD screen to prevent it from crashing
2) Keep the handle clean, do not clean it with ethanol
3) Handle made easily damaged, always careful when taking and putting it
4) Replace water within 10-15 days, ensure normal water circulation before starting treatment

After Sales Service And Maintenance
The warranty on machinery is valid for 1 year and 3 months for spare parts from date of purchase and receipt of the goods. Other things that are not covered under warranty or have passed the warranty period can still be given after-sales service at a charge. You may contact us if you want to repair the machine or need spare parts.

We will give quality warranty on every product of machine and machine that we market
1.When found damage due to production defects, please contact us immediately by phone number to be able to facilitate the process, because some problems occur due to the use of the wrong machine.
2. We recommend to clients to send photos on damaged / problem areas. We will forward the information from the client to the technician, our technician will promptly provide suggestions and solutions for satisfactory answers in less than 2 days.
3. Whenever the machine problem arises from damage to parts in the warranty period, we will consider replacing the parts we can ship along with the next order. If not necessarily when to place ordering tool / machine / goods, we will arrange the delivery process.
4. If the problem comes from the main machine within the warranty period, we can advise the client to send the machine back to us for repair using a trusted expedition. We can also make new machine replacements to clients.

We Will Not Continue Guarantees When There are Problems Like:
a) Dismantling of the Machine / Tool shall be carried out by itself;

b) Machine crashed or damaged by caution;

c) Mistakes in saving or depositing / providing protection;

d) Not operated following manual / manual book;

e) Other reasons that make the warranty disappear

Opt Shr Nd Laser RF Machine 3 in 1 – Overall, we always try our best to provide a satisfactory service to you, and we also require full cooperation from you. thanks.


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