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Magnificence machine q-exchanged laser tattoo expulsion machine

How does Q exchange Nd: YAG Laser work?

Tattoo expulsion by Q-exchanged laser utilizes a procedure known as the ‘photoacoustic impact’. At the point when the laser vitality is consumed by the tattoo color a greatly high temperature is produced – commonly a huge number of degrees. Notwithstanding, this high temperature isn’t feasible thus it ‘breakdown.’

This delivers an acoustic wave to conform to the shade particles. The aftereffect of this wave is a shattering of the particles of ink into little pieces. The body’s own protection components at that point expel these littler particles abandoning the bigger tattoo pigmentation. Consequent medications will initiate the equivalent ‘shattering’ impact on the rest of the ink particles until they inevitably all vanish.


Sort of laser: ND Yag laser/Q-switch

Among Light: Red infrared light

Power: 2000w

Vitality: 0-2000mj

Heartbeat width: ~10ns

Repeat rate: 1-10HZ

Screen: 8.0-inch shading contact screen

Laser wavelength : 1064nm/532nm/1032nm

Laser Repeat rate 1-10Hz

Red infrared light 1-8mm(continuously customizable)

Laser burglarizes yellow gem poles

Cooling framework Water+Wind

Estimate 38*78*86cm

Favorable circumstances Intense 1200mJ Vitality

Alexandrite gem gives Ultra Low Heartbeat Width of just 3.5ns

Helpful New-created handpiece, effectively replaceable

Redpointing shaft for precise treatment

Shading Contact Screen

Screen Water stream and temp screen

Multilingual self-assertive exchanging, anyplace on the planet can be effortlessly gotten a handle on

Extent of Treatment

1. Expel a wide range of shading tattoo.

2. Pigmentary skin sores and blended color development of pigmentation, dermal spots, spots, moles, skin pigmentations, nevus of ota.

3. Adequately evacuate a wide range of eyebrow tattoo, the weave eyebrow, lip, eyeliner and lip liner.

Consideration: 1064nm laser is utilized to blue, dark, blue pigmentation. 532nm laser is utilized to expel red, espresso, dark-colored pigmentation

1320 dark doll treatment:

Standard: The item utilizing nanometer dynamic carbon adsorption trademark and the tight ultrafine qualities, adequately inside and out pores and firmly suck the oil and soil living irritating in delicate skin earth, and under the laser illumination, completely assimilate, causing the laser vitality superpower carbon powder, can successfully smash impacting warmth vitality created profound soil, completely invigorate the dermal collagen skin and the collagen fiber new association, in this way achieve brightening, contracting pale spot, recoil pores, to the impact of dark. Contain nutrient B3 and B5 can successfully ensure skin, delicate consideration skin. After utilize, can be effective to attempt profound situated cleanness, make your hair plug feast

filter pores open the oil issue, enhance skin inflammation issue, advance skin digestion, leave skin delicate, fine, smooth, splendid and loose. Wrinkle decrease and Firming Skin Brightening and Care Hostile to decrepit and delicate skin


Brightening: evacuate shallow shades, enhance skin tone

Revival: evacuate scarcely discernible differences and lift up overweight skin

Enhancing skin condition: Fix skin pore, control unnecessary oil age

Profound Cleaning: evacuate cutin and comedo, clear skin earth


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