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Coconut oil has a function to fry foodsCoconut oil as face moisturizer can be trusted to make your face shining and gentle. What are benefits of coconut oil for your face? It sounds interesting to apply coconut oil than the beauty products containing chemical compound. Here is the brief explanation of coconut oil for face moisturizer.

The Content of Pure Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil contains antiseptic fat acid preventing infection of bacteria and fungus damaging your skin. As an effect, it is able to get slow the appearance of wrinkles. The coconut oil is also rich of antioxidant and important vitamins making your skin gentle and healthy. It also contains antioxidant that is protecting your body from damage appearing anti aging signs caused by free radicals. Coconut oil contains important emolient helping to reduce wrinkles and make your skin gentle. Moreover, this oil is able to mositurize skin. Of course, the used coconut oil will be better if it is really pure and organic.

Some Benefits of Coconut Oil As Face Moisturizer

Coconut oil as face moisturizer has proven effectively to make your skin gentle. There are some benefits of the application of coconut oil for your skin. Here are some following benefits of coconut oil to implement.

Coconut Oil Has a Function to Moisturize Your Skin

One of the coconut oil benefits for beautiful skin is to moisturize skin naturally. It is similar to the general oil. Coconut oil will dehydrate face skin so that it can be an effective night moisturizer substitute. The benefit of this oil is to apply safely as your daily beauty products. The use of coconut oil is very easy. Prepare coconut oil in an easy package in drugstores. Apply it on your face regularly. Let it 20 minutes until the oil is dried. You get ready for sleeping.

Coconut Oil Is Effective to Remove Acne Problems

There are many natural substances used to handle acne problems. One of the substances is coconut oil. Coconut contains some kinds of acid getting good for your skin such as laurat acid and caprat acid. Both acids will be changed to be monolaurine and monocaprine using the help of microbe. As a result, your acne will get removed easily. It makes the people always included the coconut oil for acne problems. The application of this oil is very simple by pouring coconut oil in a small container and apply it on your acne with a clean cotton.

Coconut Oil Is Able to Reduce Allergy or Infection Effects

If you have skin diseases attacking your face, don’t worry the application of coconut oil as face moisturizer will overcome it. It is able to cure infected skin area. You can apply coconut oil to all skin areas and let it for minites. Don’t scratch to the skin area so that the disease is not getting serious when you conduct a treatment. It is working to prevent anti aging so that your skin look healthy and gentle.


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