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Top 5 Best Tanning Lotion 2018 – Many people prefer darkening their skin as it is what makes them feel more confident. Unfortunately, the summer is not happened every time. Therefore, the solution is by smearing the cream that can just make your skin more tanned. It is so much better if the tanning effect looks natural not likely the skin is being painted. It is reasonable then if you must be really careful in choosing the tanning cream products. In this 2018, there are some indoor tanning lotion products that are recommended for you. What are they?

Fiesta Sun Coconut Cream

For you who like using lotion with light formula as well as giving ultra dark effect, this lotion is very good. Being composed from natural ingredients, it is not only effective to tan your skin but also moisturize it. The effects may be found gradually but yes, the result is gorgeous with its dark golden skin tone. More than that, it is also popular for the longevity and ability to be used by all skin types. One more thing about Fiesta Sun Coconut Cream; it is affordable.

Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

It contains a special ingredient named magical silicone-based formula. This makes the lotion gives faster effect but also safe for your skin. Meanwhile, the texture is also smooth and light so that you can just use it anytime. For you who have skin problems like being easily irritated, you should not worry since this product from Designer Skin has accommodated such a thing. How is about the result? The product tends to make your skin stunningly tanned and it is even really long lasting.

Designer Skin New Adore

This is another tanning lotion from Designer Skin worth to try. Again, it is due to the simple formula which is light, safe, but also effective to tan your skin faster with good results. Unlikely many other tanning products that tend to be stain, this one is absorbed better even on your fingers. It is also moisturize the skin which is dry or even damaged due to sunbathing. This lotion is recommended for both youths and adults. More than that, the price is also friendly.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

This product is probably especially for women. However, it seems that no matter if the men also want to use it. Indeed, its smooth formula doesn’t only give the tanning effect but also let the skin smoother and more moisturized. There is a quad tyrosine and Melanobronze functioned to optimize the melanin formation. Therefore, the tanning process is more effective since it is also formed from the inside.

Millennium Tanning New Paint It Black

Here is the problem that is considered as the fastest to tan your skin. Interestingly, it is also produced from natural ingredients so that it is guaranteed to be safe. Do you want any other benefits from this lotion? Okay, it moisturizes the skin, good for any skin type, and suitable whether you are young and old. If you have cellulite problem, it can be covered by this best tanning lotion 2018.


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