Taking care of our skin from getting dry is very essential. There are more than hundreds choices of best face moisturizer for dry skin you can choose in the drug store. But have you ever thought about the ingredients inside your face moisturizer you’ve been using all this time? What are the right ingredients to make the best face moisturizer? In this article, we will provide you list of must-have ingredients in face moisturizer to make you choosing the best one easier. We are choosing the perfect formula to make the most stunning result. These ingredients are totally safe to use for all types of skin.

First must-have ingredient: sunscreen

During the day, you should have moisturizer which contains of sunscreen broad-spectrum rated with SPF 30+. All anti-aging and moisturizer in the world can’t protect your skin perfectly from the sun exposure even you walk in the cloudy day. Your skin will become drier and drier if you don’t apply any moisturizer on your skin. The advice for you is to check the label of the moisturizer you are going to buy which has “broad spectrum” on it. We guarantee that your skin can have adequate protection from the sun exposure that sometimes you can’t even see where the sun is.

Second must-have ingredient: antioxidant

Antioxidant is one of must-have ingredient because it has important rule in alleviating your dry skin. Destructive of sun exposure and the other factors related to your environment triggers dry skin to form. Those factors will make your skin chip away its natural ability to stay moist. As the damage accumulation, your skin loses the ability to renew, bounce back, and regain skin’s smooth surface. Meanwhile, antioxidant can help to shield the surface of your skin from continuation deterioration. It will defend your skin from potential damage from your surroundings. Of course you can’t run away from bad surroundings just like that, but at least you can tame it for a while. For the impressive result, choose a moisturizer contains with several antioxidants in order to rejuvenate your dry skin quickly.

Third must-have ingredient: Emollients

The next must-have ingredients that should be in your moisturizer is emollients. It is lubricating ingredient which has pretty softening and water loss. It can smooth and protect your skin too. This is the important key to have silky, moisture, and radiant skin! This ingredient comes either in thick or fluid texture. It includes non-fragrant oils of plants, mango butter, sunflower oil, fatty acids, shea butter, borage oil, cocoa butter, oleic acid, linoleic acid, evening primrose oil, and coconut oil. Remember, it is better to not choose moisturizer with fragrant oils because it causes disaster for your skin.

Skin moisturizer is important to be applied every morning before you do your activities outside and every night before you go to bed. There are three must-have ingredients that we recommend to you before you decide the best face moisturizer for dry skin. There are sunscreen, antioxidant, and emollients. With these three ingredients, you will have perfect shield skin in one moisturizer.


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