Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated, fluffy, and elastic. Although many women find that moisturizer is annoying for making their skin looks oily, but it remains an essential part of daily make up routine. Moisturizer provides our skin with good amount of hydration during our activity. Remember, our skin also need some level of saturation to keep it healthy and young.

Less hydrated skin will produce wrinkles easily due to the less amount of oil it needs to keep it moist. In the other side, too much hydration will make our skin looks oily and it is easy to catch pimples. This is why moisturizers popular for those with dry skin and sometimes being avoided by those with oily skin.

Types of Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer

To obtain better use of moisturizer for our skin, we need to carefully select and choose the best drugstore face moisturizer. We need to figure out our skin type before choosing the one to keep our skin moisturized. Normal, dry, oily, combination, or even sensitive skin requires different types of moisturizers. For those with normal skin, finding a good moisturizer is easy. For those with sensitive skin, we will need to carefully select our moisturizer. It is because sensitive skin tends to get contracted with allergy when it comes in contact with wrong skin product. Dry skin requires good amount of oil to make it hydrated. For this, we can choose oil-based moisturizers. Although it may feel heavy and thick, but regular application of oil-based moisturizer will increase the hydration and protects the skin from developing wrinkles easily. In the other hand, oily skin will need less amount of oil. Thus, water-based moisturizers will become good choice. As an opposite of the oily based, water based is easier to be absorbed by the skin and it will not make our face looks so oily. The last type of skin is the combination one. It will need some research and trial to find a good moisturizer. It is because at times, this skin may look so oily and at other times it feels so dry.

But we do not need to worry about finding what types of moisturizers our skin needs since every moisturizer product has now been classified to meet our skin needs. There are ingredients as well directions on how to apply to make us easily finding the best one from the market. We just need to make sure that the product is free of animal testing and approved by FDA that we can not only obtain the best advantage while using it, but also feel safe since the product is guaranteed to be safe and harmless to our environment.

Tube over Jar for Best Drugstore Face Moisturizer

For product packaging, if we want to make sure that our choice of product will not get contaminated with any particles, we can choose tube instead of jar. We can spill the product little by little from the tube that the rest will be kept safe and hygiene. If it is a jar, we will need to make sure that it comes with a mini spatula that we do not to take out the products with our bare hands. This spatula will also help us to not over spilling our best drugstore face moisturizer.


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