First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Robin Mcgraw Skin Care concerns on skin’s health and beauty. As we age, skin starts losing its elasticity. As the components of dermis, elastin and collagen, starts losing its number gradually, skin will turn out to be dull and soggy. Not to mention, wrinkles will appear here and there to cause skin loses its beauty. Yes, skin is losing its beauty! It is the so called problem of every lady around the world!

Normally, skin will age as we grow old. But, the environment nowadays as well as the life style we chose may make our skin to age prematurely. Junk food, smoking, alcohol, and sleepless nights may make us old overnight. In addition to that, high exposure of sun which produces high percentage of pigments!

Although we cannot avoid having our skin aged, we can still try our best to prevent our skin from getting aged prematurely, or at best, to keep our skin young and healthy for longer period!

Robin Mcgraw Skin Care for the Sun

Sun! The source of life, the source of energy, and the source of light! Despite being the source of all aspect of life for Mother Earth, sun can be a harmful source for the youth of our skin. Yes, with its ultraviolet, sun becomes the enemy of healthy and youthful skin. High exposure of UVA and UVB cause our skin to have pigmented. The sun light will not simply make our skin tanned. Its high level of UVA and UVB will make our skin burnt. Not only that we will feel the sensation of pain, but burnt skin will also leave a-so-not-beautiful mark. This is the reason why we need to protect ourselves when leaving our house in the mid of the day, the peak of the sunshine. We need sunscreen to block UVA and UVB from freely penetrating to our skin and SPF 50 Robin Mcgraw Skin Care will do the job.

Robin Mcgraw Skin Care Tips for Sun Protection

Here are some tips to enable us having good protection from the sun without interfering with the routines outside the house. First, we need to avoid going out after 10 AM. Although bathing under the sun light may help our body to produce Vitamin D but doing it after 10 AM is a big NO! It is the time when UVA and UVB begin to become violence. Second, there will be times when we cannot avoid leaving our shelter in the middle of the day. At these times, we will need weapons to protect us from the harm of sun rays. We need to have our body covered well. No worries, we can still be stylish although we have our skin covered. We can also increase or appearance with sunglasses and cap to create an even more stylish look. To increase the protection, we need to apply good amount and good quality of sunscreen. SPF 15 will provide 15 times layer for our skin, SPF 30 will give 30 times layer, and the highest SPF 50 will contribute 98% protection against the harmful effect of sun lights.

So, get ready to welcome the day without being scared of the sun. Remember, 30 minutes before leaving the house is the perfect time to apply 50 fierce of Robin Mcgraw Skin Care!


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