How to Use Hifu 3 in 1 for Tightening Facial Skin

Having knowledge of right Basics Of Facial Skin care is important, in order to avoid your skin from many problems. You will need it, especially in winter, when the weather can easily mess up your facial skin condition. Therefore, we have several tips for you, so you can keep your face skin protected, healthy and problem-free.


This is an important thing to do, regardless the season. Cleansing is important because it can remove all dirt and bacteria that stay inside your skin pores. This is the basic of basic of face skin care. Usually, you can cleanse your face 3 times a day. You don’t need to always use the cleansing product. You can alternatively use the cleansing product, water and then a cleansing product. In winter, you don’t need to do that much. You just need to do 2 times a day and that’s enough. For better result, you also can clean your face with cold milk, to give it more moisture.


Use scrub mixture to exfoliate your skin. With this method, you will be able to remove dry and dead skin cell, which can cause skin problem later. In winter, you need to reduce the amount you scrub your facial skin. The weather will make it too dry, which is not good for your face skin. And, you also need to change the scrub that you use with the milder one. Here is the example of natural scrub with milder exfoliating effect. Mix 2 tbsp of ripe banana and 2 tbsp apple, both of them need to be mashed before. Add 1 tbsp of honey and 2 dollops of mild scrub product. Apply this mixture on your skin face, while massaging your skin.


Use mild toner for your skin. Toning is important to remove the leftover dirt from when you cleanse your face skin. This method also can tighten your skin, which will make your face skin looks younger.


A dry skin cell will become the source of many different face skin problems. And, this problem will become even worst in winter, when the weather can easily dry your skin. So, using moisturizer is a must. Choose the mild and natural one, if you can, because they will give you a good result and they are also safe to use. You also can make natural moisturize by mixing almond oil or virgin olive oil with your lotion or cold cream. Then, apply it on your face skin, let it sit for few minutes and wash it with clean water.


Basic face skin care for winter can’t only be done from the outside. You also need to do some inside work, by hydrating yourself with enough water every day. The water that your body absorbs will become natural moisturizer for your skin cell. Now, if you combine the outside and inside method the mentioned above, you will get the best result. And, those are some of Basics Of Facial Skin for winter that you must know.


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