Use Natural Ingredients for Facial Exfoliation

SKINBEA.COM – Carrying area-friendly products and friendly to the skin, it’s time to live the exfoliation of natural ingredients. It is not mandatory to use special exfoliator products, skin can be preserved healthily only with natural ingredients.

Be curious about how natural facial exfoliation method is, follow the explanation at the bottom, let’s go.

Exfoliate your face using natural ingredients

Of course you already know the purpose of exfoliating like a method for transporting dead skin cells, thus supporting healthy skin cells. Dead skin cells are left to make the skin look crumpled.

Skin that looks bright makes you more confident to appear in public. Looking for an exfoliator is not required to be always expensive. Natural ingredients also offer efficient use for transporting dead skin cells.

Here are some natural ingredients for facial exfoliation.

1. Raw honey

Raw honey has a natural exfoliating component that supports skin health. This ingredient removes dry, frizzy skin, and creates new, healthy skin cells. Raw honey is also able to balance the germs on the skin to deal with acne. Not only that, honey is also able to memesaskan treatment of skin cells.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera can also be a natural exfoliating material that is suitable for all skin types. Aloe vera is easily absorbed by the skin and helps moisturize the skin. In addition, aloe vera can deal with inflamed pimples. This plant has vit A and C for healthy skin. The enzyme content in it also helps transport dead cells to the facial skin and makes them smoother.

3. Tea tree oil

This is also a natural material option that is just right for facial exfoliation. Tea tree oil generally appears in the form of serum. This one ingredient has an anti-inflammatory character and reduces the development of acne Tea tree oil, one of the well-known beauty ingredients for reducing redness, swelling, and inflammation in acne. He also helps smooth the skin and reduce the remaining acne.

Making an exfoliator from natural ingredients

For those of you who like DIY beauty products (do it yourself), of course it can be fun to make concoctions from natural ingredients for facial exfoliation. Generally to carry out facial exfoliation, you need aggressive small particles such as sea salt, sugar, or coffee. However, this option may not be the best because it can create hard friction.

Honey, aloe vera, and tea tree oil can be the main natural ingredients like facial exfoliation methods at home. These three ingredients have properties for transporting dead skin cells and supporting skin health. These ingredients are more friendly exfoliators for your skin.

Ready to make exfoliate from natural ingredients? The following materials must be prepared.

2 tablespoons baking soda

2 tsp honey

1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

2 drops of tea tree oil

Method of making:

combine all ingredients in a small container and stir well

before applying the combination, wash your face first with face washing soap

take a little combination and by using your fingertips, apply gentle circular motions to all faces

gently massage the face in a circular motion. at least 1-2 minutes

let stand for 2 minutes

rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water

apply moisturizing oil after washing your face

You can practice this method at home instantly. Then, how often does facial exfoliation need to be tried? Natural exfoliation can be tried once or twice a week on your face.

Do not carry out excessive exfoliation because it can eliminate natural oils on the face. When the face runs out of natural oils, pimples can be sticking out and cause irritated skin. Good luck!


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